Buildbox Game Spotlight: Dream On A Journey

Dream On A Journey

This week’s game spotlight is Adam Rogan’s Dream On A Journey. Google Play recently featured this eerie action adventure in their New Indie Highlights page. Apple also featured it in the UK and Australia in both adventure and action categories.

So, let’s take a closer look at Adam Rogan’s Dream On A Journey …

Dream On A Journey – A Nightmare to Get Through!

In Dream On A Journey, players must choose between two different dream scenarios: Journey or Playground. In the Journey game mode, you must guide your character through a dark, mysterious world, collecting hidden keys as you go. Players have to run, jump and swing their way around puzzling obstacles and dangerous traps. Similar to the indie hit Limbo, you have to try to figure out how to use certain objects to get past various barriers and traps. There are rotating platforms, flying spears, deadly orbs, spikes, and other hurdles you have to overcome to unlock the next level.

In the Playground game mode, time is of the essence. A dark mist is swiftly moving behind you, and if it catches you, it’s game over. This mode is much more challenging and faster paced. Players have to race through the nightmare and stay several steps ahead of the bizarre mist trailing behind.

Dream On A Journey features a moody black-and-white minimalist art style much like Limbo. The graphics and the dramatic theme music transports players into a nightmare. Each level becomes more challenging as players attempt to make their way to the light to escape. It’s a fun spooky game that’s worth checking out!

If you’re a fan of the classic indie Limbo and you enjoy adventure platformer games, then you’ll love Dream On A Journey.

Dream On A Journey is available for download on iOS and Google Play.

We always love to see our customers find success with their games. So, big congratulations to Adam Rogan on his game’s success on both the Google Play and App Store! We look forward to seeing more hit games made with Buildbox.

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