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By January 22, 2021Buildbox, Game Showcase

This week’s game spotlight is Dangle Dash by Astro Hound Studios. It’s a fun new way to play Hockey on-the-go. Available for both iOS and Android, this built with Buildbox game has been climbing the charts. It was ranked #1 in Top Free Games on the app store in Canada. Dangle Dash has also been featured in the app store in sports and arcade categories in multiple countries, including Japan, Germany, France, Australia, Russia, and the Philippines.

So, let’s take a closer look at Astro Hound Studios’ Dangle Dash! 

Dangle Dash: The King of Dirty Dangles 

Dangle Dash is a unique hockey experience that challenges players as they show off their stick-handling skills, also known as ‘dangles’ for a high-score. It’s all about impressive moves and getting in the zone in Dangle Dash. Players get to choose to play with a left or right-handed blade to ensure they have the best angle and chance to get some ‘dirty dangles’ in while they’re on the ice. Swiping up lets you chip the puck in the air, swiping down performs a toe drag, and tapping the screen quickly three times will ignite the fire mode, adding a temporary multiplier. The one-touch controls are super smooth and fun to use.

To survive in Dangle Dash, you have to avoid obstacles like cones and brooms scattered on the ice by performing different dangles. If your puck collides into anything, it’s game over. As you skate along, you’ll also be able to collect coins. There’s a variety of cool pucks and jerseys that you can unlock with your coins to upgrade your character too.

If you enjoy hockey games and are up for a challenge, then you’ll love playing Dangle Dash.

Dangle Dash

Dangle Dash is available on iOS and Google Play!  

Congratulations to Astro Hound Studios on the success of their latest release, Dangle Dash. This incredible game, which reached the top of the charts upon release, was promoted uniquely — via TikTok. Sebastian Barrotta, the creator of the hit, started a dev blog on TikTok, documenting his process as he made the game using Buildbox. His account drew a massive following of over 91,000 followers!

If you’re not aware, we have a growing community of Buildbox creators following in Barrotta’s footsteps, promoting their games on TikTok and finding success! It’s so awesome to see. You can check out our official Buildbox account on TikTok for more super fun content as well. 

We hope this spotlight has inspired you! 

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Dream big, and keep on developing! 

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