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By September 8, 2018Buildbox, Game Showcase
Color Swipey

This week’s game spotlight is Albert Cox’s Color Swipey. It’s a simple but challenging action puzzle game, and it’s currently crushing it on the charts. It’s been featured by Apple around the world in the ‘Best New Games’ category in the UK, Spain, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, and more. Color Swipey has also been featured in the action and puzzle category in China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and the Netherlands.

This cool minimalist style action/puzzle game only took a month to create using Buildbox. As an active member of Buildbox forum community, the game’s creator Albert Cox, posted about the creation of Color Swipey.

“When squinting my eyes and trying to come up with a simple, challenging game that utilized swiping, Color Swipey is what eventually came through. While my original goal was to complete this game in one week, this was ambitious because I’ve never done this and still haven’t as this game took about a month to make. Making Games, Playing Games, and general life is usually a test on patience and persistence, and Color Swipey is no exception,” said Cox.

Cox is absolutely right! Patience and persistence are essential if you want to be successful in the game business.

So, let’s take a closer look at Albert Cox’s Color Swipey …

Color Swipey – So, Easy … It’s Hard!

Much like the smash hit, Color Switch, there’s plenty of color swiping action in this cool puzzler. Players have to swipe their center ball through the matching side of a rotating shape. It’s so easy that it’s actually hard. As the object spins and changes direction, so does the colors and tempo. Timing and speed is everything. If you make a wrong move and miss matching the same color, it’s game over.

Color Swipey features some slow motion swipe action and particle trail with each move for a cool cinematic effect. There’s also a fist-pumping techno soundtrack that plays in the background that really sets the pace.

If you’re a fan of minimal style puzzle-action games, that’s super hard, and you like games like Color Switch than Color Swipey will definitely be your next casual game obsession!

Color Swipey is available for download on iOS  and Google Play.

The game’s creator, Albert Cox, who is also a YouTuber gives an in-depth review of the game on his channel. It’s an awesome inside-look of the making of Color Swipey. He explains many of the key standout features in the game, how he added them using our software and why. There are also a few good game dev tips for getting reviews and tackling your game’s design. You can check out below:

Color Swipey Game Review

You can check out more awesome video tutorials and game reviews on Al Cox’s YouTube channel.

And from all of us here at Buildbox, congratulations Al on the success! 😃

We love to see the fun new games that our customers make with Buildbox. And we hope you’ve been inspired too.

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