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By January 16, 2019Game Showcase

This week’s spotlight is Sebastian Barrotta’s Bitnoid. This modern twist to the classic Brick Breaker game has been featured worldwide. Built with Buildbox, it’s currently ranked Top 100 in over 40 countries. Apple has featured Bitnoid in the New Games We Love section across the globe including Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Russia.

So, let’s take a closer look at Sebastian Barrotta’s Bitnoid!

Bitnoid- A Modern Brick Breaker

Bitnoid is a stunning minimalist twist on the arcade classic, Brick Breaker. Armed with your trusted paddle, you have to bounce the ball to smash all of the solid blocks without colliding into them. You can collect bonus points and tons of exciting power-ups from bombs to lightning as you go along.

And much like the classic hit Brick Breaker, this modern take is just as challenging as it is fun. The higher you ascend, the more difficult the game becomes. There are 50 levels and a cool unlockable infinite mode to play. There are 20 different unlockable paddles too. The game also features great graphics with a dreamy atmosphere and background music.

Anyone who enjoys classic arcades like Brick Breaker and hyper-casual games will love playing Bitnoid. So, be prepared for this action arcade to become your next mobile app obsession.

And to see it in action, check out the official Bitnoid gameplay trailer below:

Bitnoid is available for download on iOS today!

Want a quick protip to help you score higher in the game? Aim for the solid blocks!

Bitnoid is the second successful game that Sebastian Barrotta and his Canadian based indie game company, Astro Hound Studios has created. His first game was the endless space shooter cmnd/ctrl.

On our official Buildbox forum, he shared a little bit about his game’s road to success. “No publisher or ads. I released the game as a pre-order and Apple featured the game in the “Coming soon” section. Once pushed live, it had an influx of downloads, which is why it hit the US chart!,” stated Barrotta.

Bitnoid hit #40 in the action games category on the US Charts.


So, big congratulations to Sebastian Barrotta on the success! :)

It’s always incredible to see our customer’s games do well on the charts, especially when they get Featured by Apple worldwide. Our ‘spotlight’ picks are examples of not only the type of games that you can make with Buildbox but the level of success you can achieve as well.

Bitnoid is a perfect example of how you can apply the ‘model and improve’ method to come with an amazing game idea that’s familiar but unique.

We hope today’s spotlight, Bitnoid has inspired you to start making your own hit game.

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