Buildbox Game Spotlight: Battle Bikes

By February 25, 2022Buildbox, Game Showcase

This week’s game spotlight pick is a special one! It’s Battle Bikes by Buildbox Games. Yes, our team collaborated with TapMen Games and Premium Title Media to create a bike racing game like you’ve never seen before. It features insane courses, gravity-defying jumps, and incredible power-ups that you have to see or, should we say, play to believe!

So, let’s take a closer look at Buildbox Games’ Battle Bikes!

Battle Bikes: Become King of the Mountain

In Battle Bikes, players must battle the world’s best cyclist in an epic race to be crowned King of the Mountain. As you pedal your way through the mountainous terrain, you’ll have to attempt mega jumps across gorges to survive! Speed and timing are everything.

Being dominant on the tracks is also crucial to being crowned king in Battle Bikes. The stakes are high, and the competition is downright fierce in this race across the mountainside. Every lap, distance, peak speed, and even the number of kills counts. That’s right, kills! You can even take out your rivals with a crazy spear power-up! It’s an adrenaline rush like no other.

Customize Your Avatar 

Along the way, you can collect crowns, stars, power-ups, and gears to aid you in your pursuit to become King of the Mountain! Gears are currency in the game. You can use them to unlock upgrades to customize your avatar. Unlock new avatars like a zombie, fox, or guy in a banana suit. Change the look of your bike and upgrade with extra armor, damage, speed, or handling power. Use gears to unlock other cool features, including access to medium or hard mode with more laps and potential prize money to win.

Track Your Career Stats & Earn Prizes

There are daily bonuses that you earn for playing Battle Bikes each day. Gears are also awarded for reaching new records for best lap tier, peak speed, riding time, total crowns, wins, kills, gears, races, and distances completed. In Battle Bikes, players also progress through the ranks. You can view your current career stats and achievements earned on the menu.

Battle Bikes is a fun bike racing game that challenges players to push themselves to the limit! Whether you’re a cycling fan or casual gamer, you’ll definitely enjoy battling for the crown in this fast-paced racer.

Battle Bikes is now available for download on iOS and Google Play!

This game was a collaboration, and you can do the same. We encourage everyone to join our official forum and discord channel to connect with others from the community. There’s even a channel for collaboration and partnership that you can post in to find other creators to help you bring your great game idea into reality. 

We hope you check out Battle Bikes and get inspired to make your own game with Buildbox today!

Will Your Game Be Next?

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Dream big and keep on developing! 

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