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By September 5, 2019Buildbox, Game Showcase

This week’s game spotlight is TapMen Games’ Ballz A Poppin. It’s an exciting new 3D twist on the popper genre and was built with Buildbox 3. This arcade puzzler has already been featured in the app store categories around the world including countries like Japan, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Spain, and the Netherlands. 

So, let’s take a closer look at TapMen Games’ Ballz A Poppin!

Ballz A Poppin – Awesome Ball Popper 

Ballz A Poppin is crazy fun popper with a 3D style that’s a different than any other ball popper. Your main character is hip little emoticon square who’s stuck in a world full of colorful balls. To guide the square downward towards the finish line, players have to tap to pop the surrounding balls. There are also black balls, white balls, and bombs scattered among the colorful ones. Black balls must be avoided at all costs. They’re deadly, and if they touch your character, it’s game over. White balls are safe and can be dropped to pop the black balls. The bombs, when activated, pop all balls nearby. There are also a few cool power-ups that you can collect to pop more balls too. 

Players have to use strategy and time their drops exact to reach the finish line unscathed. It’s a unique twist on the classic ball popper game and loads of fun to play. The further you get in the game, the more explosive popping action you’ll encounter. You’ll quickly find yourself addicted to popping your way down to the exit and entering the next stage. 

Anyone who enjoys popping and is up for a challenge will love playing Ballz A Poppin!

Let the popping mayhem begin! 

Ballz A Poppin is available for download on iOS now!

Big congratulations to the Popa brothers at TapMen Games on the success of Ballz A Poppin! 

You can learn more about TapMen Games on their website or Twitter. Ballz A Poppin is a great example of the freedom you have in your game development with Buildbox 3. It’s easy to bring your creative ideas to life using our software. We hope you’ve been inspired today to start creating your own stunning 3D interactive game too! 

Will Your Game Be Next?

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And remember, keep on developing!

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