Buildbox Game Spotlight: Ball Sort

Our Buildbox community is back again in the Top 25 of the charts with AppTout’s Ball Sort! 🙌 Released this week it’s already ranking alongside legendary games like The Sims Mobile, Scrabble, and Words With Friends 2. Ball Sort has also been featured across the globe in the app store in both the board and simulation category. As of this writing, it was was ranked #3 in board games and #24 overall in all games. This record-breaking game is also our spotlight pick for the week.

So, let’s take a closer look at AppTout’s Ball Sort! 

Ball Sort: Cleaning Made Fun

In Ball Sort, players are transported to a tropical island that needs some serious cleaning. The sandy beaches are a mess with colored balls scattered in different bins cluttering up the island. Equipped with a giant flying suction fan, players must pick up and sort the balls into the matching bins to tidy things up. If you drop or miss a ball, you’ll have to go back until everything is in its proper place. As you progress in the Ball Sort, the messes get bigger and more challenging. It’s a fun hyper-casual cleaning game that’s surprisingly addicting to play. You’ll find yourself obsessed with moving the meter from messy to clean. If only cleaning in real-life was as satisfying.  

Ball Sort is available for download on iOS today! 

Congratulations to the team at AppTout on the success of Ball Sort! We love to see our Buildbox creators succeed! You all inspire us, and we hope our spotlights help to motivate you as well to get busy creating your own hit game using our software too.

Will Your Game Be Next?

If you’d like to be our next spotlight feature, all you have to do is post a tweet that mentions us @buildboxcom and add a link to your game to show us your app. We’re also on the hunt for new games in our official Buildbox forum and Discord channel in the Game Showcase section. 

And remember, keep on developing! 

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