Buildbox Game Jam Theme & Bonus Challenge

By December 20, 2019Buildbox
Buildbox Game Jam

For the first time, we’re hosting a month-long Buildbox Game Jam with over a dozen prizes! Participants have until January 19th at 11:59 PM PST to submit their games. There will be 15 different prizes given in all, so everyone has a chance to win big. We’re giving away brand new gaming consoles like the PlayStation Pro 4, Xbox One X, and Nintendo Switch. Plus, $100 gift cards and Buildbox Swag Bags of BB goodies to represent. Entry is totally free, and so is Buildbox now, so it’s the perfect time to sign up. 

In the video below, we reveal the theme for this month-long game jam and the bonus challenge for those overachievers.  

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Game jams are a great way to get inspired and stay motivated in your game dev journey. You also get the chance to win some pretty awesome prizes. For this game jam, we’ll be picking the top 15 games based on our theme built with Buildbox and awarding the following: 

Buildbox Game Jam Prizes

1st Place

For the best cyberpunk-themed game, the first-place winner will receive their choice of a brand new Xbox One X, Playstation 4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, or Oculus Rift S. There’s something for everyone. But we’re not stopping there; they’ll also get a $100 gift card to buy games, additional gear, and more. Plus, we’re throwing in one of our Buildbox Swag Bags of BB merchandise. And of course, the winners game will be featured on our homepage, showcase gallery, and social channels with more than 100,000 followers to check out. 

2nd Place

The second-place winner will also get to pick a console of their choice. The Xbox One S, Playstation 4 Pro, and Nintendo Switch will be up for grabs. They’ll also receive a $100 gift card, complimentary Buildbox Swag Bag, and the honor of being featured on both our homepage and social media channels. 

3rd Place

The third-place winner will have the option of choosing from an Xbox One S, PS4, or Nintendo Switch. They’ll also receive the Buildbox Swag Bag and have their game promoted on our official website and social channels. 

4th to 15th Place

For 4th to 10th place winners, we’ll be awarding a $100 gift card and a Buildbox Swag Bag of goodies too. Those who place 11th to 15th will win a $50 gift card and our signature Buildbox Swag Bag. It’s a huge opportunity to have fun making games, familiarize yourself with our software, and get involved in the game development community. 

Plus, after the game jam is over with you can publish your game. Two of our previous Buildbox Game Jam winners (Ovidiu Tepes / My Winter Album, and Tap Men Games / Toy Swipe) recently had their game entries featured in the Best New Games Section in the app store! How cool is that!? They won awesome prizes and ended up with hit games on their hands. 

You could be next! Just click on the button below to sign up and register today! 

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