Over $100,000 In Game Assets For Trying Buildbox?

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Is Buildbox really giving away over $100,000 worth of game assets for FREE?

Yes, welcome to the ‘Everything Collection’.  What started as an office banter joke between our CEO, Trey Smith, and our CTO, Nik Rudenko, turned into the biggest promotion ever for Buildbox.

For a limited time, when you try Buildbox you’ll get more than $100,000 worth of game art, sounds, sprites, music, completed games and more for free.

The ‘Everything Collection’ includes literally everything you need to start a successful game business by yourself without any prior coding or technical skills.

The Origin Story:  Gamers First

In case you are new here, Buildbox is a drag and drop game engine that anyone can use to create professional games. It’s the same software used to make hit games like Color Switch, Ball Jump, The Line Zen, Damn Daniel, Bounce, The Pit, The Running Man, Phases, Circulate, Slip Away and many more.

Our company started originally as a mobile game business in 2011 by Trey & Nik.  The gaming division of Buildbox has had 8 games break the Top 25, and now has more than 55,000,000 downloads.  It’s still consistently releasing hit games like The Line Zen, Endless Sky and more.

Introducing the Buildbox ’Everything Collection’

During these last 6 years with the game business, we’ve spent over $100,000 on custom art and sound, and now we have one of the largest asset databases for games. This has put us in a unique situation.  If we’re building a game and need an extra character, we have hundreds to choose from.  If we need a coin sound, we can pick from a database of 300 or more.

We’ve decided to do the unthinkable and give all of this away to anyone who tries Buildbox during this limited promotion.

With the Everything Collection, you’ll get it all.  You’ll have access to thousands of different game art, sprites, backgrounds, sound effects, music, completed games and more.

The Buildbox Everything Promotion Includes:

• Ultimate Art Pack ($62,000 Value)
• Illustrated Art Pack ($12,000 Value)
• The Massive Sound Pack ($15,000 Value)
• Action Games Pack ($10,000 Value)
• Indie Games Pack ($10,000 Value)
• Minimal Games Pack ($5,000 Value)
• Hit Games Pack ($5,000 Value)
• Game Business Course ($2,000 Value)
• Game Publishing Live Course ($2,000 Value)

The Everything Collection

This package has never been for sale at any price, and is only available right now for free.  Here’s what all it includes:

Game Art

The first bonus is called the Ultimate Art Pack (a $62,000 Value). We picked the best art from our previous games collection for this bonus. It features 23,236 images. It’s literally all the art you need to kick start a serious game business.

The second bonus is the Illustrated Art Pack (a $12,000 Value). All of this art is complete, animated when needed, and ready to go inside of Buildbox or really any software. It includes 4,659 images.

Sound Effects & Music

We have a very large library of custom game music and sounds that’s also part of the collection. There are thousands of click noises, jump sounds, coin noises, user interface sounds and background music.

You’ll get access to all of this for free in the third bonus called The Massive Sound Pack (a $15,000 Value). The sound pack consists of 5,230 sounds and features a wide variety of high-quality game music ranging from Classical to Dubstep.

Completed Games & More

There’s also an assortment of completed games included in the Everything Collection. Each completed game comes in a BBDOC format, the save file format for Buildbox. All of the games were created by our internal games team which includes CTO Nik, our artist Dani who made the art for the Top 25 game The Pit, and more. In the Action Games Pack (a $10,000 Value) you’ll get 10 completed games with an action based theme. In the Indie Games Pack (a $10,000 Value) you’ll receive 10 completed platformer / adventure based games, each with a cool indie art style.

The Minimal Games Pack (a $5,000 Value) includes 5 completed games with a minimal style and casual one-touch gameplay. We’re also including the Hit Games Pack (a $5,000 Value) This bonus features multiple mega-hit games we’ve made like our popular game Jump Pack. The original graphics, art and sound are inside each BBDOC file. You can use any of the elements in your own game besides the character and logo. Plus you’ll have over 27,000 game images at your disposal from the other game art bonuses.

The Everything Collection

OK, I know what you’re thinking …

All of that sounds great, but I never made a game before or started a business. I have no idea where to start.

The Everything Collection also includes two different courses with 7 hours of game business training. These in-depth courses are led by Buildbox CEO, Trey Smith, who will walk you through the step-by-step process of running a successful game business.  You’ll learn exactly how he scaled his own business from nothing to 55,000,000 downloads.

The Game Business Course (a $2,000 Value) is a 6-part course compiled of 19 different tutorial videos on how to start, run and grow a game business. You’ll learn how to create top notch games, the launch process, marketing and more.

We’re also including our exclusive access to 4 live hour long videos from our Publishing Live series called Game Publishing Live (a $2,000 Value). This final bonus course covers the seldom discussed topic, how to get your game published. During the course, Smith breaks down the most important parts of the publishing process and reveals some industry secrets for success.

This is our biggest promotion to-date for Buildbox and it will only be available for limited amount of time.

Here’s how it works …

As part of our special promotion when you try Buildbox for $99 you’ll also receive the ‘Everything Collection,’ which includes 8 bonus packages of $123,000 worth of game assets for free.

If you decide for whatever reason it’s not for you, simply cancel via receipt email within 14 days for a full refund. As promised you’ll get to keep all the free images, sound effects, music, completed games, and 7 hours of business training courses.

You can read further details on the ‘Everything Collection’ Buildbox Promotion right here:

The Everything Collection

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