Buildbox Classic Now Includes Adbox

By November 7, 2022Buildbox

Big update news! The wait is over! Buildbox Classic now includes Adbox – our all-in-one ad monetization solution that makes it easy to connect ad networks and earn more money from your games! The addition of Adbox was a highly requested feature, and we’re so excited to finally bring it to Buildbox Classic in this latest update, version 2.22.4.

Upgrade to Buildbox Classic with Adbox Today!

Adbox is the easiest way to integrate ads into your games. With just a few clicks, you can start earning extra money from your games and maximize your game’s potential. 

Making Money With Your 2D Games Is Now Easy as 1-2-3

When you toggle ads on, from any UI Screen, Adbox is automatically added to your project. 

Nothing more is required to start earning money!  

You start earning money immediately, and when it’s time to withdraw your funds it’s done through Hyperwallet. 

Setup Hyperwallet on your Buildbox profile here: 

You can also view your earnings at:

Buildbox maintains Adbox and each release is compliant with current privacy regulations including GDPR.

In this latest update, we’ve also added Android API 31 compliance and made several fixes and improvements. You can check out the full change log below: 

Buildbox Classic 2.22.4 Update:


New Features: 

  • Adbox Ads
  • Android API 31 Compliance


  • Modernized many Android and iOS project export settings

Fixed Issues:

  • Resolved some layout issues with Consent dialogs on mobile devices
  • Resolved some spurious warnings in exported Xcode projects

As always, we appreciate your support and feedback. We can’t wait to see the amazing 2D games you create with this latest version of Buildbox Classic! Stay tuned for more updates and announcements soon!  

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