Buildbox Classic 2.23.1 Update Now Available!

By January 26, 2023Buildbox

We’re excited to announce that Buildbox Classic 2.23.1 is now available for download.

This update comes with some great new features, like a more convenient scrolling list view, tabs, and a new look to the welcome screen. We’ve also made some essential bug fixes and improvements for an overall better experience. So, try it out today!

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New Scrolling List View

In Buildbox Classic 2.23.1, we added a new scrolling list view for objects, which can hold as many objects as necessary for your project, making it even easier to build out the levels in your game.

New Tab Bar

You’ll also notice improved navigation in this latest update, featuring new tab bars for the Home, Worlds, and UI screens. Easily switch between them simply by selecting the tab you want. You can now work on both the game world and its UI simultaneously without having to navigate away each time changes are made.

New Welcome Screen

The Welcome screen in Buildbox Classic 2.23.1 has been updated with a user account and social media links section. Issues with social login from Safari and layering when exporting, along with several other bugs, have also been fixed.

For a detailed list of all the changes, you can view the change log below:

Here’s What’s New in Buildbox Classic 2.23.1!


  • Scrolling List View for Object Lists
  • New Tab Bar with Home, Worlds, and UI’s
  • User Account & Social Media Links to Welcome Screen


  • Spawner Object Component “Single Shooting” Spawn Action
  • Saving PNG’s on Image Fields
  • Missing Templates on New Game list
  • Social Login from Safari
  • Incorrect Default OpenGl Settings
  • Application Layering Issue when Exporting

We can’t wait to see the awesome games you create with Buildbox Classic 2.23.1! Thank you so much for your continued support; we truly appreciate it. Be sure to check back here soon for more exciting updates and announcements!

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