Buildbox 3 Sneak Peek: RPG Example

By May 17, 2019Buildbox
Buildbox 3

Buildbox 3 is coming 🙌, and we’re so excited that we wanted to give you guys an exclusive sneak peek before the official release. 

With this software, you can make all types of cool 3D interactive games. The only limitation is your imagination. In this video you’ll see how easy it is to use smart assets in indie games, like role-playing games. Also, in the final release of Buildbox 3, we’ll have 14 new assets and 40 new nodes that have never been seen before!

Buildbox 3 RPG Example

The process of building your own 3D worlds for your players to explore is extremely easy with this software. As shown in the video, all you have to do is choose your assets, drag and drop, reposition, and resize if needed. It’s that simple.

You can use the 3D models and objects built-in the game to quickly build out a room or bring in new 3D models that you already have saved or created on your computer by simply dragging the OBJ. file that you want into the software. Also, if you’d like to take the objects that you’ve saved and tweaked in the editor to use in an entirely different game, you can do that too. Just right click on any object or asset to automatically export.

Buildbox 3 

Buildbox gives you the freedom to focus on your design instead of writing lines of code. There’s also a handy preview mode that lets you instantly see how your game will look and play. Our software is truly the best for mastering design and fast prototyping.

Dynamic lighting effects are also a feature that we’ve added. This professional lighting option is used in all sorts of 3D video games and RPGs as well. With Buildbox 3, you have the option to add spot and point lights anywhere in your game. You’ll also have the ability to add light sources to your character. As your character moves the light will too for a great dramatic effect in your game.

Where The Magic Happens

But, where the magic truly happens in Buildbox 3 is the node maps. Every object has it’s own. You can double click on an object to access it. There are also over 60 built-in nodes for controls, movements, actions, monetization, and other advanced options for your game. Plus plenty of shapes and pre-made assets handy to make the game development process as easy as possible for you. In the video, Zack demonstrates how simple it is to incorporate them into a scene.

We can’t wait to see the type of amazing games you guys will be creating with the official release next week on May 23!

Tiana Crump

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  • Avatar Gabezin says:

    Interesting, but needs to be affordable, and no monthly subscription. Also, include assets like RPG Maker, and there is everything it has, such as character generator, anime style, etc.

  • Avatar Todd Massey says:

    Yes, just need the tutorial for how to build a room like this for an rpg style game. Thanks

  • Avatar Mohammed says:

    Easy & Fun way to create a game!

  • Avatar Ayoub Allani says:

    1 day left

  • Avatar Glenn K Brown says:

    I can’t believe it’s not butter?!?

  • Avatar cyberlab games says:

    heck yeah cant wait to 3 come out

  • Avatar Ross says:

    Super exciting. question: Is there a path in the works to allow us to deploy this in a room scale VR setting like HTC Vive or Oculus?

  • Avatar Ayden.D says:

    I’m really excited about this! However, I have one question. 1.) Is it possible to make a 1st Pearson POV in Buildbox 3?

    • Avatar Anonymous says:

      Probably since that’s where most games become popular but you don’t necessarily need it.Take Fortnite for example,it blew up in the amount of people playing it and spending money on it and it’s third-person so it wouldn’t really matter if they didn’t

  • Avatar Tom says:

    Love it. Please make tutorial video on all the nodes how to use Them to make this version better. And if any know where to get free obj graphic with texture that will also help.. Ty