Buildbox 3: Developing in 2D

By May 21, 2019Buildbox
Buildbox 3 developing in 2D

Did you know that you can also make cool 2D games with Buildbox 3?

In this exclusive video, you’ll see how easy it is to work with Buildbox 3 in a 2D environment. You’ll also learn some of the new 2D features and improvements that we’ve made to Buildbox 3 to make developing in 2D super simple and fun!

Buildbox 3 Developing in 2D

With Buildbox 3, there are tons of built-in tools and settings to help you develop games in 2D. The camera and field of depth in your game can be easily adjusted to provide the perspective that you want. As shown in the video, using the multi-tool located at the top of the screen will activate the camera viewpoint allowing you to move items in your game forwards or backward to see exactly where the depth sorting is happening. It’s one of the amazing tools in Buildbox 3 that makes developing in 2D easy.

Developing in 2D & Much More

You’re also able to use mindmaps to customize and control everything in your game. This visual tool lets you see your entire game’s skeleton, much like the previous version of BB. However, with Buildbox 3, it’s been improved to delve even deeper. In the video, Zack demonstrates how you can quickly add a jump button for your character by entering the mindmap. Then he walks you through the step-by-step process of connecting the jump movement to your character through its visual node map. All you have to do is click the node option in the mindmap and connect it to the reaction node you desire. The ability to set sequences and actions in your game visually instead of writing code makes game development simple. Plus, it allows you to develop rapidly.

3D to 2D World in One Click

In the video, Zack also demonstrates how easy it is to take a 3D environment, like a 3D game scarecrow running game, for example, and transform it into a 2D game. The ability to switch from 3D to 2D and vice versa is accomplished with one click. Located at the right-hand corner of the editor is a 2D button. All you have to do is click it, and the camera will automatically reposition to give your game a 2D appearance. When you activate the preview mode to view the game, you’ll notice that everything has changed. The platforms are at right angles; the shapes and shadowing are entirely different as a result. And it’s all magically done by pressing one button.

Our goal with Buildbox 3 is to enable you to not only make incredible 3D games but 2D games as well. The official release of Buildbox 3 is this Thursday on May 23, 2019, PST.

We’re excited to see what you create! 😀

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