Buildbox 3 Beta 4 Is Now Available!

By December 3, 2018Buildbox
Buildbox 3 Beta 4

It’s here! 🙌 We’ve just released the new Buildbox 3 Beta 4 update.  In Beta 4, as we promised we put a lot of focus on the 2D mode and UI of your game. We added a new Manipulator tool that will work in both 2D and 3D mode. With this new user-friendly multitool, making levels is quick and fast. In this latest update, we wanted to make everything much easier while giving you more advanced gameplay options to work with as well.

In this quick Buildbox 3 walkthrough, Trey shows off the 2D mode and gives a short tutorial on how you can combine 2D and 3D to make a stunning 2.5D platform game:

Buildbox 3 Beta 4 Update

The new multi-tool in Beta 4 allows you to easily stretch and scale objects, while in 2D or 3D mode. You can also work back and forth between 2D and 3D to change the order of objects and rearrange your game scene.

The Multi-Tool


Our Buildbox 3 Beta 4 update also includes two brand new templates: Progression and Space Shooter w/ Health Bar. Both are designed to improve and enhance how your players interact with your game.

Progression Space Shooter

The first template on the left is Progression. With Progression, you can gradually increase the difficulty in your gameplay by having your character jump back and forth between different leveled platforms and obstacles. 

The second template shown on the right is Space Shooter. It also includes a visible health bar. So as your spaceship blasts incoming invaders, players instantly know the amount of damage taking place. 

Also in the Beta 4 update, we added a ton of new JavaScript API, especially for UI and Ads. If you want to add reward video ads into your game or further customize your UI using JavaScript you now can.

Beta 4 code

Thank you all for the great feedback, it’s really appreciated. We’ll have more updates coming soon. Cheers!

– Buildbox Dev Team

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