Buildbox 3.5.3 Update Now Available

By December 16, 2022Buildbox

We just released Buildbox 3.5.3! This new update features over two dozen fixes and improvements for a better game-making experience. You’ll notice smoother performance and easier navigation as you build out your game.

In this latest update, we worked diligently to address a variety of bugs reported by the community, including improving the tab functionality and keyboard shortcuts and resolving any issues related to importing Nodes, image files, and more.

We’ve also added a new toggle in the View Menu, “Asset Library Auto-Scroll”, which is enabled by default. When you turn this off, selecting items in the main editor window will not automatically scroll your Asset Library to the selected asset.

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For a detailed list of changes, you can view the full change log below:

Here’s What’s New in Buildbox 3.5.3!


  • View Menu toggle for Asset Library Auto-Scroll which applies when you select objects in the editor 


  • Social login from Safari
  • System error that incorrectly changed null values to 0’s 
  • Node fields not saving values (example: Position Limiter Node) 
  • Importing Nodes directly to Node Map 
  • Importing sound files into Sound Nodes 
  • Importing image files into Animation Nodes 
  • Ability to multi-select and then edit more than 1 asset at a time
  • Missing Attributes when selecting more than 1 asset 
  • Missing decimal places in numerical fields 
  • Missing Texture preview in the Sub Scene Manager 
  • Keyboard Shortcuts including Duplicate and Delete 
  • Asset List search now hides all folders and shows all applicable assets 
  • Tab functionality on the Attributes Panel 
  • Multithreaded implementation of ad presentation logic
  • Point Light and Spot Light in the Smart Editor 
  • All Font edits are now done from the Font Editor 
  • Renaming Folders now properly shows the new name 
  • Export flow after canceling an export 
  • Windows Export stall when moving the COPPA popup
  • Multiple Problems when using non-English system languages
  • Adding Brainboxes no longer expands all groups 
  • Facebook link on Welcome Screen 

Known Issues

  • Investigating Mac Ventura visual glitches when application loses focus

Thanks for your continuous support and feedback. As we work to make Buildbox the best tool for making games, you can expect to see more updates to Buildbox 3 in the coming months.

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