Buildbox 3.4.6 Update: New Virtual Currency, Asset Library, Tooltip System, and Wizard!

By December 22, 2021Buildbox

Our new update, Buildbox 3.4.6, is officially live, and it’s feature-packed! 

But that’s not all. The Holidays are here, and we are in the giving spirit.

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This release introduces Buildbux Buildbox’s new virtual currency that you can now purchase and use in our newly updated asset library, with tons of assets at your fingertips! There’s also a new tooltip system, a completely new wizard, and more. It’s now faster and easier than ever before to create in Buildbox! 

We’re really excited to show you what we’ve been working on! Check out the video below to find out more:

Update to Buildbox 3.4.6 Today!

Here’s a quick rundown of What’s New in Buildbox 3.4.6!

New Buildbux Virtual Currency 

One of the biggest new features in Buildbox 3.4.6 is Buildbux! Buildbux is Buildbox’s new virtual currency that creators can purchase and use in the newly updated asset library! 

Updated Asset Library 

Speaking of the newly updated Asset Library,  there are now tons of new assets, both free and premium, at your fingertips! Everything from 2D and 3D, to Smart Assets and UI elements! All searchable from within the editor! 

New Tooltip System 

We’ve also added a new tooltip system with over 900 newly created and updated tooltips to help you navigate and learn Buildbox! The new design includes short videos coupled with brief descriptions and links to documentation. Just hover over any field to learn more!

Completely New Wizard 

And last but not least, we have created a brand new Wizard! The new Wizard allows you to simply and quickly create games by choosing worlds, characters, enemies, and game logic! Start with the Wizard and make it your own by fully customizing your creation in the editor!

For a detailed list of changes, you can view the full changelog below:

New Features: 

  • Improved and updated Tooltips for a huge number of Editor features
  • New and Improved Wizard 2.0 for ultra-easy game creation
  • Expanded Asset Library / Asset Store with many more items than previously available along with Buildbux currency
  • Improvements and fixes for Buildbox World global sharing, including a customizable Creator Name that will display as the Author on Bits within Buildbox World


  • Move Node Maximum Speed Multiplier Issue
  • Blank Preview Screen Minimizing Issue
  • Timer 90 Second Bug
  • Announcement Formatting Bug on Windows

Buildbox World has also been updated, allowing you to set your display name in your bits! So, if you haven’t already, download Buildbox World on Android or iOS too.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and feedback. We’ll be working hard on future updates to improve the platform and provide more of the new capabilities that you want to see. 

Also, check out our Product Feedback page to learn what we’re working on next and provide your feedback. We’re listening! 

We can’t wait to see what you create with Buildbox 3.4.6!

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