Bruce Lee Dragon Run is Here!

Bruce Lee Dragon Run Game

We’re proud to announce that our new game Bruce Lee Dragon Run is now available for download on iOS and Android!

The Buildbox team created this game in partnership with Ketchapp and the official Bruce Lee team. It was designed with a prototype of Buildbox called Buildbox Next, and it’s actually in 2D but built with nodes. This type of node creation will also be available soon in Buildbox 3.

In the short documentary below, Trey walks through the process of creating the Bruce Lee – Dragon Run game. He discusses how the final game concept came to be, shares details about the game’s level design and much more.

Bruce Lee Dragon Run Documentary

“Working with the Bruce Lee organization and Ketchapp, and creating this game has been an absolute blast and we can’t wait to share it with the world.” – Trey Smith

Here at Buildbox, we’re all BIG fans of Bruce Lee and very excited about the release of this game. The entire team was involved with its creation. And it’s incredible to now see it available around the globe on both Android and iOS platforms.

Not Your Average Ninja Fighting Game

Bruce Lee Dragon Run is not your average ninja fighting game. It’s a progressive adventure with Kung-Fu legend Bruce Lee. In the game, players have to guide Bruce Lee on an epic run through dangerous worlds of fire and ice. On your journey, you’ll encounter surprise ninja attacks, falling obstacles, traps, shooting fireballs, and danger around every turn.

Throughout the game, you can collect coins and special dragon eggs. Each dragon egg has the power to transform players into a dragon and unlock a bonus Dragon zone for them to explore. The eggs can turn you into one of three different dragons: Water Dragon, Fire Dragon, or Metal Dragon.

There are 16 characters to unlock with different outfits as well. The game also features tons of Bruce Lee’s philosophical quotes to inspire as you attempt to become legendary.

Check it out today!

Download in App Store! Get it on Google Play!

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