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By April 22, 2021Buildbox

Looking for awesome app templates to help you make 2D and 3D games? 

We’re excited to announce that we’re now offering premium templates for sale for only $6.99 right inside of Buildbox! You’ll never have to worry about searching for mobile app templates online again! We’ve got you covered!

Our new premium templates are available in our built-in Template Library in Buildbox 3.3.12 for instant access with hundreds of payment options, no matter where you live in the world. 

Each template is a mini-game with pre-built features that you can edit and customize. Create stunning 3D platformers, 2D brawlers to epic adventures, and more. 

Here’s What’s New in the Template Library:

Adventure Run Template

Climb to the top of the mountain in this 3D Platformer, inspired by your favorite classic video games. Jump over dangerous pits and bounce off of enemies’ heads in classic platformer fashion. Gather coins, collect stars, defeat all enemies, and find hidden secrets like a true collect-a-thon.

Template Includes:

  • 3D Platformer Brainbox
  • 3D models with FBX rigs and animations
  • Enemies with simple AI
  • Classic platformer-inspired art style
  • Multiple collectibles: coins and stars
  • Works with all subscription types

Brooklyn Brawler Template

Go back in time with this old school, arcade cabinet inspired beat’em up. Fight through the streets of New York, past an onslaught of the opposing Ninja Gang to save your girlfriend. Beat up your enemies, collect points, and jump across rooftops with your fiery fist and furious feet.

Template Includes:

  • Modified 2D Platformer Brainbox for Beat’em up gameplay
  • Enemy AI that reacts to the player
  • Classic 8-bit art style with smooth animations
  • Multiple collectibles: coins and health
  • Works with all subscription types

Planetary Quest Template

Our Planetary Quest template is also available but now at a discounted price! Explore an uncharted world in this 2D Platformer. Overcome dangerous obstacles such as wild indigenous creatures, crumbling floors, moving platforms, swinging logs, and acid pools of liquid. Find the hidden key, then fight your way to the exit.

Template Includes:

  • 2D Platformer Brainbox
  • Enemies with simple AI
  • Various platform types: crumbling, moving, swinging
  • Multiple collectibles: switch that opens walls, key that opens exit door
  • Works with all subscription types

To check out all our cool new templates, make sure to update to Buildbox 3.3.12!

We’ll be continuing to drop new premium templates based on the most popular gameplay styles on a regular basis. So, keep an eye on the Template Library for the most recent releases! 

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