Introducing Buildbox Classic And So Much More!

By May 20, 2021Buildbox

Big news Buildbox Classic is here! 

You may have already heard that we have been working hard behind the scenes to launch a new and improved version of Buildbox 2, our original drag and drop 2D game maker. 

Well, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just released it as Buildbox Classic! 

Introducing Buildbox Classic: The Ultimate 2D Game Maker 

Available now, Buildbox Classic allows you to rapidly build and prototype 2D games whether using pre-built templates or starting from scratch! No coding, scripting, or even design skills are needed, choose from over 40 built-in preset templates. Create platformers, puzzlers, shooters, racing games, and sports-themed games without writing a single line of code. It also features tons of built-in visual effects that you can place into any scene or attach to a character. You can make your games truly unique with particle effects, lights, and even mesmerizing trails. 

It’s a great choice if you’ve been searching for a simpler way to make 2D games without having to learn how to code. We’re thrilled to be re-releasing it to the public. You can check out all the great features for Buildbox Classic including mobile export right here. 

But wait – there’s more!

A Totally New Look

We’ve even redesigned our website. Buildbox now has a totally new look. We’ve even added a Learning Center with new instructional videos and guides to take you through the entire process of creating a game, from concept to app store publication whether you’re using Buildbox Classic or Buildbox 3D. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check them out! 

We can’t wait to see what you create next! 

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