Buildbox Game Spotlight: We Have A Date

Game Spotlight - We Have A Date

This week’s game spotlight is a special one! We’re highlighting Jandeilson Nascimento’s entry, We Have A Date!, from our recent Buildbox Game Jam with partners Kwalee. This game jam entry stood out the most, catching the judges’ attention and winning first place. Using Buildbox, participants were given only a week to complete their submissions. The theme was ‘attraction,’ and the creators who took part could be as creative as they wanted by adding any attraction form, including magnetism or even dating, into their game. We Have A Date nailed this theme. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Jandeilson Nascimento’s We Have A Date! 

We Have A Date! 

In We Have A Date, you’ll meet a couple who desperately wants to go out on a date, but they are stuck in the house under strange circumstances. Their home is full of traps and obstacles keeping them from leaving. It’s up to players to help the couple escape the house and make it out in time to have that date. Much like real-life escape rooms, you have to be observant of what’s going on in each room to figure out the key to making it out. The game features unique dual controls that allow you to switch between the male and female characters while attempting to lead them out of harm’s way and safely to the next exit. 

There’s a handy bar located on the side of the screen that tracks your partner’s distance. It’s a nice polished touch to the UI. As you guide each character through the room, you’ll encounter various traps, including steel bar barriers and locked doors. To escape and make it to your loved one, you have to find hidden levers and activate them. As you advance through the game, you’ll come across enemies that you must avoid in order to escape. Every room has spinning hearts that you can collect for a high score too.  

It’s a really fun game, and we’re looking forward to seeing it released on the app store soon. 

We Have A Date 

We Have A Date - Mobile Game

We Have A Date by Jandeilson Nascimento (ranked 1st place in our Buildbox Attraction Game Jam)

“Bright, attractive visuals and UI polished and well-executed.” – Georgina Venman Publishing Executive at Kwalee / Game Jam Judge.

Jandeilson Nascimento, our first-place winner, recently spoke with us about his game jam experience and the making of We Have a Date.

Buildbox: Why did you participate in the Buildbox Game Jam?

Jandeilson Nascimento: I love games and always wanted to develop them; using Buildbox makes it possible in a simple way. The game jam offers participants the opportunity to create a good game and get a proposal for publication in partnership with Kwalee. I think this incentive is incredible. It is very worthwhile to participate.

Buildbox: What was the inspiration behind We Have a Date?

Jandeilson Nascimento: Collaboration was the main inspiration. I didn’t want to create a game where only one character was needed to complete the objective. So, I had the idea to design We Have a Date where the player needs to think of a way to make the characters meet. Why go through the level alone if you can do it together?

Buildbox: What advice or tips do you have for anyone interested in participating in the next game jam?

Jandeilson Nascimento: Do not give up! Even if you believe that your idea did not work before or will not succeed now, persistence is essential. Buildbox allows you to do amazing things in such a short amount of time. The secret is to practice making games whenever possible to get the full potential out of the Buildbox software.

Buildbox: Awesome advice! Congratulations on winning first place in our game jam! 

If you missed it, you could watch the entire judging and winner announcement video here. We’ll also be hosting another game jam soon, so stay tuned! 

Dream big, and keep on developing! 

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