Buildbox Game Spotlight: Jumping Knight

This week’s game spotlight is Jumping Knight by White Dog Games! This retro-style platformer features an atmospheric-dark world with eye-popping visuals, funny characters, and a cute storyline that adds a fun twist on the ‘Dungeons and Monsters’ genre.  

This unique platformer built with Buildbox is only available exclusively on Steam. White Dog Games also documented their process of making the game across their social media channels. If you’re not following them, you definitely should. On Instagram, they showed how they took a game idea, mapped it out on pencil and paper, and then used our software to design and build out levels quickly. It’s a great example of what you can do using Buildbox. 

Jumping Knight

Jumping Knight – From Idea on Pencil & Paper to Making a Game in Buildbox!

So, let’s dive right in and take a closer look at Jumping Knight by White Dog Studios …

Jumping Knight: An Epic Retro Platformer That’s So Much More

Jumping Knight is a platformer with an atmospheric-dark world and a lot of challenging levels. The main character is a tiny knight who has lost his princess, who has been kidnapped by a strange monster. Players must embark on a daring mission to find and save her from this terrifying monster. As you guide your hero on his epic journey through unknown lands, you’ll encounter a variety of obstacles like deadly spikes and flying saw blades that you must avoid. Skill and timing are key to survival in this platform adventure. One wrong move, and its game over! 

The eye-popping visuals combined with cute commentary from our heroes and characters in this game are impressive. You’ll find yourself being transported into another world with dangers lurking around every corner. It’s an addictively fun game to play. Anyone who enjoys pixel platformers will love playing Jumping Knight.

Jumping Knight 

Jumping Knight is available now on STEAM!

Congratulations to White Dog Games on the release of Jumping Knight. You can learn more about this incredible retro platformer on their Steam page, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We really hope this spotlight has inspired you! 

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Dream big, and keep on developing! 

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