Bit of the Week: Pipunka The Jumper

By February 16, 2024Buildbox, Game Showcase
Pipunka the Jumper

There are incredible Bits (games in the Buildbox World app) being added daily. This week, we’re excited to shine our spotlight on one of those hidden gems, Pipunka The Jumper. It’s a fresh 3D twist on the classic platformer genre that’s as challenging as it is addicting to play. 

Pipunka The Jumper – Save Your Yellow Buddies! 

Pipunka the Jumper, developed by BlueBeardStudio9 and available to play in Buildbox World, is a fun 3D adventure set in a mysterious forest filled with dangerous creatures. In this new Bit, players get to help Pipunka, a cute jumping hero, on a thrilling quest to rescue her lost and trapped yellow buddies. 

Navigate through wasp-infested forests, explore hidden caves and lakes, ride into mines, and more. Be cautious of enemies like giant caterpillars, flying wasps, and blowfish, or it’s game over. You can either avoid these enemies entirely or use your magical leaf ammo to shoot them down. Make use of boxes and planks to safely cross treacherous pits while evading fireballs, falling spikes, and traps along the way.

You earn coins as you rescue your yellow allies and advance in the game. These coins can be used to unlock new characters with improved jumping abilities and increased health. It’s a really challenging and fun game to play. Plus, the 3D graphics in Pipunka The Jumper are absolutely stunning. You’ll instantly be transported into an enchanting forest unlike any you’ve ever seen. It’s definitely worth checking out!

You can play Pipunka The Jumper right here

We hope this spotlight has inspired you to start creating your own game and upload it to Buildbox World for everyone to play! It’s free and an excellent way to test your game concepts with friends and the world. You never know, your Bit might be the next big thing! 

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