Coming Soon: 5 New Pieces of Software from Buildbox

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5 new pieces of software from Buildbox

We decided to do Black Friday a little different this year.  Instead of having a typical sale, we’re going to release FIVE brand new software products that we’ve been working on for years.

Yes, you read that right!

Starting on Cyber Monday, we’ll start showing you five new pieces of software over a five day period.  Each day next week, you’ll see multiple leaked screenshots from brand new software created by the team here at Buildbox.  You’ll try to get guess what each software is (we’ll provide the hints) and then we’ll reveal it all soon on a special Buildbox event.

We’ve been working on this new “box” software for the last two years, and it’s amazing.  All of it is brand new and never seen before. We can’t share too many details just yet, but these five new pieces of software will definitely be a ‘Game-Changer’ for indie developers.  We’re doing what Buildbox did for game making to many different parts of game development.

It all kicks off on Cyber Monday, so look out for another email in a few days.  (Register here if you are not on our list).

We’ll also be posting hints on our official Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. If you don’t already follow us on there, make sure you do.

You don’t want to miss out. It’s going to be a fun week of mystery and surprises!

What do you think it is? Any early guesses?  Let us know in the comments ;)

Join Us For The Unveiling Event on December 7th. Register Here:

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Tiana Crump is a journalist and social media manager at Buildbox with a passion for inspiring others and driving brand awareness. As a gamer and creator, she enjoys sharing game development insights, tips, and success stories from the Buildbox community.


  • Avatar Finn says:

    Its Monday, im ready! :)

    Heres my guess btw:
    – Blueprints like in Unreal Engine, or maybe even an option to code!
    – Multiplayer Support
    That would open so many possibilities!

  • Avatar Toobin says:

    Spine support or at least having some similar software available in BB would be awesome .

  • Avatar Joseph Costa says:

    After reading all 133 comments I can safely say that AR and VR support we want in Buildbox!

    Trey if it isn’t all ready implemented I will do it for free. You must be wondering who I am and why you should trust me my name is Joseph Costa I’m a software developer at T4G limited – VR and AR is my job. I love Buildbox and personally want to see AR and VR support and would love to help implement it.

    Feel free to drop me a line at the email I provided.

  • Avatar Joseph Costa says:

    After Reading through all 133 comments I can safely say that AR and VR support is something we want.

    Trey if this isn’t all ready implemented. I’ll do it for free. That’s a genuine offer if your wondering who I am and why you should trust me I’m currently on the Toronto Dev team at T4G limited – AR and VR is my job.

  • Avatar newbieme says:

    how about a free buildbox software that you can export both android and ios and put watermark on startup of the game, like unity free edition.

    • Avatar Joseph Costa says:

      Great suggestion however I think that would be a kick in the teeth for existing subscribers and I don’t think the watermark would bring in any additional revenue for the buildbox team. I agree the price point is steep but let me attest you can make some awesome things with the software.

  • Have not purchased Buildbox completely but i think its a great game making software. I even like the name… Lol.. Now am here not to guess but to make a suggestion.Does buildbox have any plans to get integrated with to make great animation or perhaps playable animation for the web as html5 or old flash. Swf files for backward compability .will be cool. Also maybe could get integrated with another famous game making software like Clickteam Fusion. Its also COOL……

  • Avatar Jin says:

    Is it going to be about game devolpment side or the game devlopment bussness side

  • Avatar unity geek says:

    unity rules build box not so much

  • Avatar tite says:

    maybe I’m a dreamer but imagine that Buildbox could export to Nintendo switch.

    The list of indi games for this console is on the rise and with Buildbox 3.0. It would be something incredible.

  • Avatar At Indo says:

    1. WebBox (Website Box) ?
    2. MageBox (Image Box) ?
    3. SetBox (I do not know why but this word appears inside my head. So I wrote it. Actually, I do not know what it is. ) ?
    4. VidBox (Video Box) ?
    5. AppBox ?


  • Avatar John says:

    Hi guys, first of all, good luck with the releases!

    Of these 5 pieces of software, is there 1 big piece of software that had taken much longer than the other 4 pieces?

    I did a quick Whois lookup and you’ve not been purchasing any new domains (from what I can see)… yeah, double checked, although noticed it had been originally purchased and now dropped. Time to buy it? :)))

    But I did notice that redirects to home page at the moment. Aha! Oh, wait, but then I realised that so does, so I guess a wildcard redirect in place.

    Ok, ok, I’ll stop talking about 3D.

    Multiplayer would be my want for Xmas.

    One of these correct? ;)

  • Avatar Geo says:

    – trial version
    – 3d version
    – free version
    -Keep up the good work

  • Avatar john says:

    More key commands..

  • Avatar landon says:

    please bring back trial!

  • Avatar THQ says:

    combine many projects in one.
    Example: I make my game level 1….level 20, my friend make level 21…. level 40 and then we combine 2 projects to one completed project.

  • Avatar THQ says:

    combine many projects in one.
    example: I make my game level 1…level 20, My friends make level 21… level 40 and then we combine in one completed project.

  • Avatar Vinay Gautam says:

    Lite or free version for students or something like that

  • Avatar David Mooy says:

    Here are my 5 guesses; PBR or physically based rendering, sound editing software, enhanced physics (for explosions, destruction etc.), an animation editor for both cutscene animation and for blending between run/walk etc.. and statistics to allow you to monitor gameplay once published, and further refine your game. I am truly excited to see 3.0!!!

    • Avatar Joseph Costa says:

      Enhanced Physics would be awesome! A fully kitted out physic engin would be a nice addition to the software!

      Cutscenes timeline editor would also be welcome could save a lot of time!

  • Avatar John says:

    Timeline creation tool for preproduction of games? :)

  • Avatar Néhémie MOMBO says:

    Hi Trey

    I would say :
    – AR
    -Sprite Editor ( with a library of pre made and customizable sprites)
    -Website Editor
    -Music Editor

  • Avatar Astro says:

    File > Upload to AppStore ;)
    I’m guessing Content Maker, a boxed software or generator within BB to create whole content to app stores, from title, through icons, thumbnails, videos, keywords, descriptions etc. to final delivery file :)

    • Avatar Trey Smith says:

      All great guesses. Btw, would love NOTHING MORE than to bring “Upload to App Store” option. Seems to be the biggest challenge for our customers (understandably so).

  • Avatar Turbojet says:

    Got some guesses:

    1. Video editing
    2. Vector editing
    3. Logic builder

  • Avatar tite says:

    Five tools related to the creation of games?

      and if BUILDBOX 3.0 has support for creating 3D games, let’s use the logic.

    – 3D modeler (easy to use)
    – Creator of textures and materials.
    – animation module for 3D objects.

    And the other two I do not know but BUILDBOX 3.0 also has support for creating 2D games.

    – creator of sprites.
    – animation of sprites.

    I do not really know what could be the news of 5 new pieces of software from Buildbox but it sure will be something surprising and great.

  • Avatar Geoff Habgood says:

    I’m new to Buildbox so if some of these things exist forgive my ignorance.

    1. First person low poly.
    2. Being able to create your own global values.
    3. Global Currency across a collection of games, collect in one game and use in another separate game.
    4. Sprite creator (Master Collection).
    5. Image Editor, color variations, distortion etc.

    The last one was an idea I had photo album app/game, where people could upload a selfie and mess around with different options. If anyone has or knows how to create these in Buildbox, let me know.

    • Avatar Trey Smith says:

      I can give you some definite hints on a few of these ;)

      1. First person low poly.

      Coming for sure in 3.0

      2. Being able to create your own global values.

      Not sure I fully follow here…

      3. Global Currency across a collection of games, collect in one game and use in another separate game.

      Man, crazy you said that. I had a killer idea for a Cryptocurrency to use in all Buildbox games. But not sure how regulations will be on that stuff.

      4. Sprite creator (Master Collection).


      5. Image Editor, color variations, distortion etc.

      Also interesting…

      • Avatar Ruben says:

        Don’t worry about crypto currencies. They are a HUGE scam . It will collapse soon. You’ll thank later…trust me.
        If you’re in cryptos I beg you to exit while you can.

  • Avatar Marc says:

    It be nice to offer a full featured Game Development Enviroment that you could learn in 14 or 30 days. Sadly no can truly learn new software in such a short period of time. A option I would like to see is a full featured app with the build option disabled that way the code could not be exported and the user could decide if they really are interested in the doftware. 99 a month for say 6 months just to learn something only to decide you don’t want to use it is an expensive lesson.

  • Avatar Gurpinder singh says:

    Only monthly subscriptions not year commitment
    Maybe monthly trial would be nice like they did a couple of years ago I missied it though
    3D games
    Online gaming maker
    Multi player apps

  • Avatar Richard says:

    Here are my guesses. All the modules are related to 3d game play

    1 – modeler (3D)
    2 – animation
    3 – materials (textures,,)
    4. – 3D layout
    5 – 3D logic (AI, physics, ect)

  • Avatar Thomas says:

    New school BB game center

  • Avatar Timothy Skrubzy says:

    Is there going to be some sort of drag-and-drop builder for apps, not just game creation?

    • Avatar Trey Smith says:

      We’ve discussed this a lot. First I want to focus on conquering game development, then we’ll move onto other software ;) We’re talking years away though. Still have massive plans for Buildbox.

  • Avatar Gawain says:

    Must be the updated Master Suite collection

  • Avatar Michael Maughan says:

    Looking forward to the announcement. I am sure it will be good stuff. I have been a fan of BB since V1. I would not have 5 games out if it was not for the software. (I can’t program very well) Thanks guys.

  • Avatar Tim HHolti says:

    is it WIX for website game developers ?

  • Avatar Mark says:

    Will be released soon , meaning this week ? or several weeks ? several months ! ? as i am releasing my Buildbox game in the beginning of next month ??

  • Avatar Gareth says:

    Something that creates .apk in buildbox would be great. Love the software but this is the biggest bugbear i have.

  • Avatar Mat says:

    I will throw a party for all bboxers around, if one of the products is a cloud apk-builder, but I have the feeling that this will not be necessary :)

  • Avatar Eldhose says:

    Let me guess.. One of it might be a mobile application to view the gameplay directly without generating an application file.

  • Avatar Keller Messer says:

    does buildbox have refunds in case something happens??

  • Avatar Gaurav says:

    5 products,
    That is, Buildbox Master Collection

  • Avatar Greg Wood says:

    1. Some type of game research / filtering
    2. Some type of game marketing help
    3. publishing via Trey and Co now ;)
    3. Graphic creation tool, motion animation
    4. Buildbox 3

    These seem to make sense as a win win for developers and the company at same time.

  • Avatar Keller Messer says:

    @trey im going to buy buildbox 2.0 right now and i will look forward to the 5 new things

  • Avatar rc says:

    No sales–thank you Trey. Appreciate your understanding how your loyal customers feel. :)

    As for guesses: Enemy AI pathfinding, javascript support for coding components/nodes, 3D, and multiplayer would be amazing.

    Trey, are you posting from the east coast (with that timestamp)?

    • Avatar Trey Smith says:

      Some good guesses there. Can definitely confirm you’ll see some of that ;)

      As for time stamp, good find. I’m in Sausalito, CA right now at our new offices. Will have the team check the blog time. Thanks for bringing to my attention!

  • Avatar Alberto says:

    5 products, let me think:

    That is, Buildbox Master Collection

    • Avatar Trey Smith says:

      Someone knows the BB timeline well! Great guess… I can tell you that each software we will show off is totally new, though maybe some is inspired? 🤔

  • Avatar yf says:

    A beautiful master lesson of marketing Buildbox Team! I love see in my inbox ” Say NO to Black Friday”… I suppose for the Blackfriday Overbooking…128 emails said me I have a big deal before 26 november ! I´m sure if your work very hard, have a good focus and don´t change your philosophy, BuildBox XXX will be a very great software. The future is no know how coding. The future is know how use TOOLS.

    Next step: Hope, Mister T.Smith, you think create a Builbox version for SpatialOS….

  • 1. Some kind of multiplayer activator (trial version)
    2. 3d lowpoly modeling software comes with FIX rigged (by the name of boxmodeling maybe)
    3. 3d viewer with somekind of lite rendering (NOT vray or Mentalray perhaps comes with the name of Tray hehe)
    4. A minimum of 3d game preset
    5. Must be a library, there is always a free assets if its come from Trey Smith.

    I should get at least one correct

    • Avatar Trey Smith says:

      Haha, love the last one. You are right, I’m a big fan of assets. All good guesses!

    • Avatar Trey Smith says:

      Just realized this is THE Lawrence Chin. The guy that makes some of the craziest BBDOCS I’ve ever seen. What would happen if you and Ryan Robinson worked together? 🤔

      • Hey Tray I’m glad that you saw my video sample from the facebook buildbox developer. I finally manage to solve all the bugs problem even though if you play the game with a low memory phone such as my phone which is samsung galaxy j1 mini.
        here are my sample on youtube:

        I tried google the guy by the Ryan Robinson and found a guy with no buldbox background hahahah I wonder which Ryan Robinson you talking about.

  • Avatar Keller Messer says:

    if i were to buy buildbox 2.0 right now,would i get these 5 things when they come out??

    • Avatar Trey Smith says:

      The software will be separate from Buildbox (sort of), but we made sure to structure this so it will not be negative for anyone buying Buildbox 2 now or in the past :)

  • Avatar nikko says:

    so design box and sound box .. but please don’t waste one of them on site box okay ? can i rest assure ?

    • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

      We’re releasing 5 new pieces of software … we don’t want to spoil the surprise. But all of them will be GAME development related.

  • Avatar Keller Messer says:

    will it be a higher price than the one that is currently for sale right now?And also will it be Buildbox 3.0?

  • Avatar Maurizio says:

    Animation Builder
    Action editor
    Mpeg importer
    Real documentation

    and You win!

  • Avatar Thomas says:

    Maybe BB 3D and AR?
    Would be cool

  • Avatar nikko says:

    design box ?

  • Avatar nikko says:

    is it a website builder ?

  • Avatar nikko says:

    can’t you please just tell me that it is a simpler better way to make games . please please please …… who needs a site i don’t think it is a site … there are million site builders but only you with the game builder . so i hope you will make your builder more simple . but with better more powerful unique options .
    please help me .. one hint please . just one .. i ask you for one … is it a website builder or it is improved version of your game development – please be the later please … please please please please

  • Avatar Wesam says:

    Yes it’s a new update of the master collection it’s sure I hope animation box will become more good and why not to have it make 3D animation to come along with B.B. 3.0.

  • Avatar nikko says:

    please just tell me give me a hint i will not sleep . i really need an upgrade of your software . that will take it to next level

  • Avatar nikko says:

    what do you mean ? website builder ? who cares for a site ? i want to make my sound by moment in the game . to easily make my images . easily make animations . what i need site for ? who downloads an app from site ?? ohhhhh you know what i need ? software that will really make me games and not software that makes replicas of the same game ….

    really is it another waste of time on a website builder ? or is it really something we need ?

  • Avatar Marko says:

    I will purchase again as soon as BB team implements ability for me to work offline. Amazing app but had so many frustrating moments over the year, while working at my seaside house where Internet is super-bad, that in the end I payed a programmer to finish my projects in Unity. Still, in some situations it worked great for laying out the initial concept for every project. Nohing is fast as BB. Great app but it didn’t pay off for me. However I don’t thing that many other users will complain about this sam issue..

    • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

      Thanks for the feedback Marko, we appreciate it. Other than offline ability, what else do you think our new software lineup might include?

    • Avatar Dēa Fehst says:

      I also found having to be continually connected frustrated as work on a laptop my work flow would be interupted everytime the connection was dropped. BB security issues should not be a hassle for the customer especially when paying a premium over competitors.

    • Avatar Joseph Costa says:

      I would love to see offline mode however it would be tricky to maintain licensing security.

  • Avatar jay lei says:

    Hmm i am only looking forward to 3D world creation and multiplayer capability…unless those are the new surprises if not…Neh!! But still thank you for all the hardwork you guys did, putting buildbox together making it so much quicker to create quality games for multiple platforms….

    • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

      Thanks Jay! :) Over the coming days we’ll be revealing a lot of new surprises. So, be sure to check back. I think you you’re going to like it. ;)

  • @Trey and Staff,

    Looking forward to the announcement. Also, totally agree with the no sales thing. Making software too cheap and/or free has diluted the ability of companies in this market to stay viable. “Everything Free All The Time” users don’t get this because they haven’t had to invest thus they have nothing to sustain.

    As always, you guys and gals are a inspiration keep up the good work.

  • Avatar Scott says:

    Hopefully new features to convince me to use Buildbox over unity

    • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

      What must-have features would make you use Buildbox over Unity, Scott?

      • Avatar Scott says:

        3D support would be nice, not be confined to left/right up/down game design. But above all more reasonable dev price, would encourage more users and thus more of a support community.

  • Avatar Omar says:

    Hope it’s affordable this time.

  • Avatar Kima says:

    I think that they are just realising their Buildbox Master collection (the one with animationbox, soundbox etc.) but under a new name. It is somethobg that they indeed worked on for years but it is nothing new.

    Unless its a new product ;) i hope so

  • Avatar Aladin says:

    Website maker ?

  • Avatar Talylor Williamson says:

    The fact they don’t have a discounted sale on Buildbox subscriptions is B.S.

    Just my thoughs

    • Avatar Trey Smith says:

      Hi Taylor, it might be B.S. to you — and I get that — but I can guarantee you it’s not to our subscribers. Honestly, I’ve never liked sales, and we rarely do them because of this. It works great for retail when they need to push old products out, but for a company like ours I feel like it’s a bit of a slap in the face to the paying customers.

      • Avatar luna says:

        is one of them a website maker ?

      • Avatar Lu says:

        A free month or some sort of trial version would be nice. I dont Think subscribers would be upset at that. I really love the idea of Buildbox but I need a little hands on before spending the money. For people like me, it isn’t cheap… then again maybe it’s not for people like me.

      • Avatar Alex says:

        Hello Trey. I think your product is really great but sale not only means that you sale something old and useful it’s also means that people finally can buy product which coast too expensive for some countries. For example in India junior developer(i think middle can create any 2d game from scratch) earn 2 dollars in a hour, in Ukraine 5 dollars, in Russia 5 dollars etc. So they need work at least 30-50 hours in a month for buy your product. I think it’s too much. So sale it’s great a great opportunity to buy good product and pay as much as they canю Thanks

  • Avatar Piyush Shrivastava says:

    First to see it😎

  • Avatar Gökhan says:

    direct apk buding easily may be?

    • Avatar Trey Smith says:

      I’ll tell you now that this is coming in 2.3 ;) Full android studio support.

      • Avatar Tim says:

        The comment worth of reading a whole screen of comments.

        …still can’t make it work with eclipse or android studio :(

        • Avatar Joseph Costa says:

          Don’t even get started with publishing on Apple. Took me three months ($300) to finally get it published.

          Please note: I don’t blame the fine people at build Buildbox in fact I’m great fan.