18 Things Only An Indie Dev Will Understand

'Things Indie Dev Understand'

When you’re an indie dev, there are some things that only other developers truly understand.

Let’s be honest. It doesn’t matter whether you’re making games professionally or only in your spare time during the weekends. Life as an indie dev has tremendous highs, and also its fair share of frustrating lows.

So today just for FUN, we’ve compiled a list of the top 18 things that you’ll probably experience, if you haven’t already, as a solo indie dev:

1. Rushing home because you just can’t wait to start working on your game.

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2. When you have a GREAT game idea that just comes to you. 

giphy (6)

3. That anxious feeling you get when you’re waiting on Apple to approve your app.

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4. The horrifying moment when you discover that your game has more bugs than you thought.

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5. Proudly, showing people the game you’ve been working on for months. 

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6. When your launch date and deadline is quickly approaching and you’re running behind schedule.

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7. The frustration that you feel when you read a negative comment about your game.

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8. The endless hours spent trying to come up with new game ideas.

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9. When you see an increase in app installs and more money starts rolling in.

giphy (9)

10. Enjoying the upside of working from home. Because every day is a casual Friday.

giphy (11)

11. Dealing with the downside of being an indie dev working at home. Distractions are everywhere.  

giphy (12)

12. How it feels sometimes when you’re an indie dev trying to get press coverage and generate buzz for your upcoming game.

giphy (13)

13. Instead of writer’s block, you get a bad case of game developer’s block.

giphy (14)

14. After being stuck for days, you finally figure out what you need to do. And now it works!

giphy (15)

15. When your game is finally released, and you feel on top of the world.  

giphy (5) (1)

16. When you’re an indie dev, and you find out that your game has just gone viral.

giphy (16)

17. At that point in your game development where you realize, “I’m going to need some help with this.”

giphy (17)

18. That happy feeling you get when you’re doing something that you love.

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