About the Game

Do you like football? Then you’ll love ZigZag football!!!
If you like weaving past defenders, reflex skills and amazing finishes, then you are in the right place!
Try ZigZag football! In this amazing game, you must skillfully dribble past barriers, opponents and goalkeepers with one finger movement. Feel the power of rapid dribbling, weaving and winding past opponents and the thrill of scoring goals.
ZigZag Football is a new game where the ball flies forward and you will need to guide it past obstacles in order to score goals and push on further. On the way, the ball is blocked by the goalkeeper and defenders which you will need to avoid by weaving left and right.

Score goals, get further and rule the leaderboard!

ZigZag football is a new game of its kind!

Do ZigZag, and you will win!!!

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