About the Game

Lufandar is the first game of Gamerschef developed by Vikash jha. You can play it by install once and I challenge you never go before completing this game. After click over play button you have three choices to play but only Endless spike challenge is open. When you will complete this challenge and grab a gold key then you can unlock your next 12 challenging levels! I wish that you can go more but I think you cant complete all the 12 challenges becasue of its my challenge to you! If you complete these then you can directly share to show me at your facebook page and tag to me @ https://www.facebook.com/gamerschef/
After completing all 12 level you can unlock turbo challenge and finish whole game. I hope you will like all the characters and buy it by points earned! Specially copter character I have made is very cool you can try it. I will add more characters after gating users feedback and ratings or you can directly write me if any changes or addition required @ vikashjha@gamerschef.com

I hope you will like it and enjoy! Keep playing so that I will be motivated to make more games! Thanks.

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