About the Game

Developed by Three Suit Studios, they are bringing you their first mobile game! We bring you RGB Ball! BRIGHT colors and all out fun this is one game you wont want to put down. Every level more challenging than the next do you have what it takes to conquer the grid!

Take your time to figure out how you can send the ball through each of the same color on the moving shapes and into the end zone to complete each level! Once you tap the screen the time will slow down, as the ball is moving towards the moving shape of colors! Whether the shape is a circle, square, triangle and more, it will have at least two sides for the ball to pass through. Once your ball passes through to the end zone you complete the level!

With NOW 80 Challenging and Engaging levels and more coming every week how far will you make it!?

**We just want users to know we thoroughly test each level to make sure it is 100% possible to be completed. NO level is impossible and the game can be beaten.**

We are now in 6 different countries thank you so much for the support in just a short amount of time!

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