About the Game

Fidget Spinner in your hands. Relax and get rid of the daily stress with this great app. Great for children of all ages with this realistic Fidget Spinner Simulator.

A total of 21 fidget spinners of your choice. Cool Clubbing Style Colour effects great for showing off. Try it at a club or party and get the attention of people. Cool music and sound effects to play to. You can turn the music of if you like. Fun time to play with your kids. Just open up the app, select your spinner and play with your kid. Great time spender to see who is spinworthy! The app helps the kids to develop their focus in their daily life. Play on the go at public transport like buses, subways etc. Make sure you put on the earphones. The apps is also good to quite nail biting,smoking,leg shaking and all kinds of disorders. Enjoy this great fidget spinner wheel app on the go and become the coolest cat in the planet.


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