About the Game

Adventure through the vibrant landscape of the natural world in the stylized game, Pilot Planet!

Soar! Orbiting the planet in a single prop plane, exploring the 25 various, challenging levels to reach one rotation of the earth. In Pilot Planet, you must pilot an aircraft avoiding the worlds clean, and natural obstacles. Pilot Planet showcases the magnificent world we live in with the challenging exploration of the simplistic low poly stylized worlds; accompanied by tranquil music. Admiration for the nature and nature’s simple beauty is imperative in recognizing the graceful environment we all inhabit. With progression through the Pilot Planet, the world’s will become increasingly difficult; incorporating additional obstacles to avoid. In each update, continual additions in level creation with added obstacles, worlds (and even planets) will be released!

We hope you enjoy playing Pilot Planet as much as we enjoyed developing it. Pilot Planet is free to play! After, pay what you believe it’s worth! Or Rate Us!

Happy Gaming,
Mad Cow Studios

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