About the Game

Jump, Bounce, Flap and avoid black solid enemies in this fun and extreme Gyrometric game!

* 12 Different Modes | Endless, Challenges, Jump, Bounce, Flap, Shot, Climb & Special Mix Mode .
* 1200 unique levels divided in 30 Worlds ready to play (720 Endless & 480 Challenges).
* 30 Unlockable Animated Characters via Coins
* 840 different levels ready to play
* Endless Mode target collect Checkpoints (leaderboard)
* Challenges Mode target collect 10 Coins per level
* Mix Mode, Endless Random levels from different modes in ONE world
* Official Soundtrack
* 2 Colors graphic style | Black ground, enemies, actions & characters & one different color for background
* Battle your friends score with Game Center.
* Free download (with in app purchase for removing ads).

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