• Avatar Smsamm says:

    Do you support sqlite?
    Is it possible to make cross platform app not only games?
    Do you support right to left languages?

  • Avatar Steve says:

    I have yet to receive my early access to BB2.

    • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

      Hi Steve, you should have received an email last week with a date announcement. In case you didn’t, we will be officially releasing Early Access on January 12th, 2016.

  • Avatar Lauro says:

    I will upgrade my license to BB2 but just after 6 months of its release

  • Avatar Socheat KHAUV says:

    I just bought the license after watch this video, but I don’t get link for download this early access version.

    • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

      Early access version will come before end of month. It is not available yet unfortunately.

      • Avatar JohnM says:

        Hi there,

        I got a subscription as well hoping to get early access as well. BB 1 did not convinced me at that time. There are 4 days left from this month. When exactly will be BB2.0 early access available if officially will be launched in January 2016?


        • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

          Plan is still to launch early access before end of 2015. We will announce a specific day very soon so stay tuned for that announcement.

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