Color Switch Hits 75 Million Downloads

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Color Switch’s success has been a true testament of what’s possible with Buildbox. In the past three months, Color Switch has managed to amass over 75 million downloads. At the time of this writing, the game is currently ranked #4 in US Games. It broke previous mobile game records, when it held the No.1 spot on the U.S. charts for 27 days straight beating out Flappy Bird’s 22 day streak.

For those unfamiliar with Color Switch, its an addictive arcade game that requires players to continuously tap to get their ball through various obstacles. As the ball changes color, players have to follow the color pattern on each obstacle in order to pass through it. If a player attempts to pass while it’s the wrong color, it’s game over.

Although the gameplay is extremely simple, it’s quite challenging. The colorful 2D graphics and great background music also add to game’s appeal.

Published by Fortafy Games, developers David Reichelt and Aditya Oza intitially made Color Switch using Buildbox. With Buildbox’s lightning fast development features it only took them a week to make the entire game. David Reichelt had several unsuccessful games using other development tools before finding Buildbox. He credits Buildbox for giving him the ability to easily create games without prior knowledge in programming.

“When I thought of the idea for Color Switch, 30 minutes later I had a demo in the software”, stated Reichelt.

In a recent GamesBeat interview with Zeb Jaffer, co-founder of Fortafy Games, shared some of his thoughts on the success and future of Color Switch.

Besides being a great casual game with endless replay value, Color Switch has received a lot of additional attention through word-of-mouth virality and a worldwide feature on Google Play. It also accidentally gained some exposure when celebrities Kanye West, Kylie and Kendall Jenner tweeted about their own apps reaching No.1 and posted a snapshot that had Color Switch in it.

The celebrity social share, sparked interest. “They did a great job for us,” Jaffer said. “It never felt so good to get beaten.”

Fans have also helped to promote the game with their own viral videos, like Joe Charman’s ‘When ur Addicted to Color Switch’ video below:

Color Switch is one of the few casual games with endless replay value due to its frequent updates. Currently there’s over 100 levels and 12 different game modes.

“We’re chasing down the magic number of 100 million downloads,” Jaffer said.

Monetized through banner ads, rewarded video and both interstitials options, Color Switch uses the ad mediation tool, Heyzap for serving ads. Heyzap integration is also fully supported in Buildbox 2.0.

According to Jaffer they’re in the process of partnering with an arcade machine company, to make 30,000 arcade machines based on Color Switch. The expected launch date for the arcade machines in the U.S. will be sometime in the fourth quarter.

We look forward to seeing the game hit their goal of 100 million downloads and continue success!

Color Switch is available on both iOS and Google Play.

Source: VentureBeat

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