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By April 4, 2019Buildbox
Buildbox Spring Sale Voxelbox

The deals keep on coming, Boxers! 🙌 As part of our BIG Spring Sale, we have a second exclusive offer to help you create awesome 3D games. For a limited time, you can get the latest versions of Buildbox and Voxelbox for only $299 per year. This special discount bundle includes Buildbox Pro, Buildbox 3, and our 3D modeling tool Voxelbox.

With this active subscription, you’ll have everything you need to make stunning 2D and 3D games plus cool game art.

Buildbox Spring Sale

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Buildbox PRO (Full 1-Year Subscription)
  • Buildbox 3 (Full 1-Year Subscription)
  • Voxelbox (Full 1-Year Subscription)

When you subscribe to this bundle, you’ll have the opportunity to continue your subscription at the same price. It’s the perfect tool suite to use to get a jumpstart in 3D game creation. With it, you’ll have the latest versions of Buildbox Pro and our new advanced 3D game engine, Buildbox 3. Both pieces of software are effortless to use and don’t require any previous coding or programming skills. You can use Buildbox Pro to make professional looking 2D games. Just choose from the dozens of different game type presets and then drag and drop your graphics into the editor. You’ll have a playable prototype in no time.

And of course, making 3D games with Buildbox 3 is super simple too. You have the option of using presets and smart assets or adding your own code with the use of nodes. These tools together will allow you to make any game you can think of and more. Plus, you get Voxelbox.

So, What is Voxelbox? 

For those unfamiliar with Voxelbox, it’s our user-friendly 3D modeling tool for creating game art without previous design experience. Using Voxelbox is as easy as playing Minecraft. The software also includes 100 pre-made 3D objects that you can play around with and use in your game. With Voxelbox’s 3D workspace you’re able to make your objects and voxels. Select your colors, drag and drop your images, add voxels, stack, and edit until you have a masterpiece. It’s a lot of fun to use. There are also advanced options such as dynamic lighting control, model saving and exporting.  Plus, a full renderer camera for creating artwork for 2D games too.

Voxelbox Features:

  • Ability to create your custom voxels
  • Build full voxel objects
  • Import / Export OBJ files
  • 100 Objects Included
  • Advanced 2D Renderer

So, don’t miss your chance to get this exclusive bundle! This Buildbox Spring Sale offer will end Monday at Midnight.

Get the Buildbox Pro + Voxelbox Bundle today!

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