Buildbox Holiday Sale 50% Off All Plans for Life

By November 22, 2022Buildbox

Our biggest sale of the year is here! During the Buildbox Holiday Sale you can get 50% off any plan and continue to pay half price for the life of your account! 

Now is the perfect time if you’ve been thinking about upgrading to a paid plan. And if you’re not a Buildbox user yet, what are you waiting for?

Get 50% Off Any Plan for LIFE

But that’s not all!

We now have the Ultimate Bundle (Buildbox Classic Pro + Buildbox 3 Pro) — our best deal yet is on sale! You can get this new bundle for almost 60% off! Not to mention, it’s a great holiday gift too! 

The Buildbox Holiday Sale will only be available for a limited time, so act fast. Take advantage of this opportunity to get Buildbox at a HUGE discount for life.

Buildbox Now Has More Features Than Ever

We’ve added more new features to Buildbox in 2022 than ever before! With Buildbox Classic, we added Adbox, the ability to export to Buildbox World, and deep linking so you can easily share your games with anyone via a direct link. 

In Buildbox 3, we improved the Game Wizard with new features like the Smart Editor, to make editing games easier and faster! We also added many new assets to the Asset Library and created the Buildbox Shop portal. Creators can now make extra money by selling their own game assets right inside Buildbox.

There’s never been a better time to create, publish and earn than now! 

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