Buildbox Game Spotlight: Dungeons of Doom

This week’s game spotlight is Dungeons of Doom by Team Dare LTD. Built with Buildbox Classic, it’s a one-touch, casual platformer that takes players on an epic quest for loot and glory! Dungeons of Doom has already been featured twice on the app store homepage and is currently ranked Top 100 action game in New Zealand. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Team Dare LTD’s Dungeons of Doom!

Dungeons of Doom: Dodge Spikes, Traps and Monsters

In Dungeons of Doom, you’re a knight that has been wrongfully imprisoned in a dungeon full of monsters with dangers lurking around every corner. To get out of the deadly labyrinth, you must sprint, jump, and sneak past the terrifying guards while avoiding the hidden traps that await. The further you progress, the more mayhem you encounter with skeleton guards, vicious rats, spiked pits, and even a tsunami of killer slime. Timing and strategy are crucial in this arcade platformer—one wrong move, and it’s game over.

There’s also tons of loot scattered throughout the dungeon that you can collect for bonus points. Dungeons of Doom has over a dozen cool unlockable characters too. You can use your loot to unlock playable heroes like the Titan, Warrior Girl, Cavalier, Samurai, Wizard, and more. 

This classic arcade game will get you hooked on its nostalgic chiptune music, stunning visuals, and challenging gameplay.

Dungeons of Doom is now available for download on iOS, iPad, & Apple Watch! 

Congratulations to Team Dare LTD on the success of Dungeons of Doom. Team Dare is a two-person indie game studio founded by twin brothers Alan and Christopher Caleb. You can learn more about them and their games on their official website here.  

“As someone with no coding experience, Buildbox has truly empowered me to make my game development dreams come true. I have been using Buildbox since the very first release and continue to be grateful for all the fantastic updates that the team has brought to the software over the years.” – Alan Caleb / Team Dare LTD

We hope today’s spotlight has inspired you to make a game with Buildbox! 

Will Your Game Be Next?

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Dream big and keep on developing! 

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