Buildbox Game Spotlight: Drift Street

By October 8, 2021Buildbox, Game Showcase
Drift Street Game Spotlight

This week’s game spotlight pick is Drift Street by Rocket Fuel Games! Developed using Buildbox, it’s an adrenaline-fueled driving game with a fun twist. Drift Street was recently featured No. 41 in the United Kingdom and ranked Top 100 in 21 countries worldwide, including Ireland, Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Belize, Norway, Denmark, and Romania. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Rocket Fuel Games’ Drift Street! 

Drift Street: Rule the Road!

Drift Street lets players hit the road with a fresh take. Instead of racing full speed ahead, you have to drift. Your driving skills are put to the ultimate test as you tap or hold to drift down a busy street while dodging oncoming traffic and obstacles. 

Drift Street’s scenic downtown city roadways are also lined with parked automobiles with parking spots that you must drift into to collect coins. You have to drift into the space without crashing into the parked vehicles nearby. It’s definitely challenging, and strategy is essential to survive. If you collide or stop before you reach your designated spot, it’s game over! 

Secret Shop & TikTok 

Another exciting feature of Drift Street is the opportunity to unlock unique vehicles. As you advance and earn more coins, you will be able to visit the shop and purchase additional cars. There are presently eight accessible; however, that is not the end of the list. Rocket Fuel Games’ TikTok page has a ton of amazing videos about the game and shared in one of them that there’s a hidden shop in Drift Street where you can get different cars. By watching some of their TikTok videos, you can learn how to unlock new vehicles in the secret shop like the supercar, cyber truck, flying car, doge car, and military tank. It’s very cool. 

If you love a good racer and are up for a challenge, you’ll love hitting the road in Drift Street! 

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Drift Street is now available for download on iOS and Google Play.

Congratulations to Rocket Fuel Games on the success of Drift Street! They also have many other hit games built with Buildbox that you can check out including Bank Bandit, Drifty Car, Color Run, Ninja Surf, and Rocket Road! You can learn more about these games by visiting their website, official Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok.

We hope today’s spotlight has inspired you to make a game with Buildbox! 

Will Your Game Be Next?

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Dream big and keep on developing! 

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