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By April 11, 2019Game Showcase
Almost Impossible 2

We love to see all the cool games that Boxers are making with Buildbox and highlight them when we can as a spotlight pick or as a showcase addition.

This week’s spotlight is Dan Counsell’s Almost Impossible 2. It’s a follow-up to his previous hit game, Almost Impossible! and has already been ranked in the Top 100 charts in the UK and Canada.

Apple has also featured it in action/arcade categories in multiple countries including China, Japan, Germany, Russia, France, Australia, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

So, let’s take a closer look at Dan Counsell’s Almost Impossible 2.

Almost Impossible 2  – A Super Retro Puzzler Platformer!

Similar to the original hit, Almost Impossible! players must guide a spirited ball of light on an epic journey through a maze of deadly shapes and traps. You control the direction of your ball character by tapping to the right or left side of the screen.

Your mission if you dare to accept it is to make it through all 50 almost impossible to clear levels. Throughout the game, you can earn points by collecting gold rings, but watch out for those purple meanies (also known as spikes). One touch and it’s game over!

Almost Impossible 2 is a beautiful minimalist puzzle platformer with a futuristic vibe. It’s also challenging. As you play, you’ll encounter falling balls, dangerous stairways lined with purple meanies and rotating traps that you have to pass through carefully. Timing is everything!

With floating platforms and green blocks that explode after contact, it’s a real challenge that’s surprisingly fun. You’ll find yourself obsessed with clearing the next level and beating your previous score.

If you love retro platformers or was a fan of the first game, you’ll definitely enjoy playing Almost Impossible 2.

Are you ready for a challenge?

Almost Impossible 2 is available for download on iOS today!

Congratulations to Dan Counsell on the release of his new game.

Over the past few years, he’s been making games with Buildbox in his spare time. His first game Almost Impossible! was featured by Apple and so far this cool remix version has been following its predecessor’s footsteps. We hope it continues rising in the charts!

Dan shared on our forum that his initial goal was to just update the original game, but once he began, the ideas kept coming and he ended up redesigning all the levels creating a totally new game. Both games were built using BB2.

He has a couple more in the works including one with Buildbox 3 that we’re looking forward to checking out soon! You can view all of Dan Counsell’s games on his website and connect with him on Twitter at @dancounsell.

Will Your Game Be Next?

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Your success is our success, 💪 so keep on developing, guys and gals. We hope you’ve been inspired today by Dan Counsell’s Almost Impossible 2 to make your own awesome game!

And to check out more apps made with Buildbox, be sure to visit our official Showcase Gallery Page.

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