Bit of the Week: Gravity Dreams

In the Buildbox World app, new and fantastic Bits (games) are consistently being introduced, allowing you to access and play them for free.

This week, we want to spotlight an incredibly fun Bit called Gravity Dreams by Lemon and Lime Studios. It’s an addictive action-fused puzzler that will put your skills to the test.

Gravity Dreams: An Action-Packed Puzzler 

Gravity Dreams by Lemon and Lime Studio is a must-play for action puzzle lovers. This game is seriously fun! It’s got a super simple but totally addictive objective: you’ve only got 30 seconds to zoom to the finish line in your mini rocket. Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Well, think again! The trick is… you have to push your rocket forward by shooting and grabbing those colorful balls scattered all over the maze. 

The game combines fast-paced action with puzzle elements. You must race against time while figuring out how to navigate obstacles in the maze. Blasting numbered blocks and maneuvering levers add layers of strategy, making each level a thrilling puzzle to solve. It’s a test of both reflexes and quick thinking. If you run out of balls, it’s game over.

What makes Gravity Dreams stand out is its addictive gameplay loop. You’re constantly on your toes, thinking ahead while reacting to the unfolding chaos of the maze. Each attempt feels fresh, thanks to the cleverly designed levels that challenge you in new ways, pushing you to beat your previous best.

However, beware of the addiction level! It’s one of those “just one more try” games that will have you glued to your screen for hours.

You can play Gravity Dreams right here on the Buildbox World app

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