About the Game

Welcome to the Magical World Of Steve The Hopper.

Steve can not just stop but hyperactively running around in this magical World. He is on the run to find out the biggest treasure. A Giant Treasure Chest with Gold Lots Of Gold Protected by the Potato Heads. Help Steve to find the lost treasure. Are you up for the challenge in this super action platformer mayhem.

Game Features
-Intuitive One Touch Easy Game Play
-Easy to understand Game Mechanics – Just Tap to Jump and Double Tap To Double Jump!
-Unlockable Characters with Earned In Game Currency During Gameplay.
-No Repititive Gameplay like Endless Runners but Hand Crafted Specially piece by piece just for you Great Pro Gamers To Complete This Magical Adventure.
-Just jump, hop, bounce like a ball in this Weird World of Potato.
-Endless Runner Action with lots of excitement.
-Addictive Game Play! You just don’t want to put the game down.
-Game Services – Leaderboards so you can compare your Best Distance Run with your friends and other Gamers Around the world.

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