• Avatar Smokeakipper says:

    You people are the very definition of the REASON the App store is full of crap ‘one-touch’ games and the demise of talented people writing proper games made with creativity and talent!!!

    • Avatar Trey Smith says:

      @ Smokeakipper Go look at the top charts. The market has decided long ago they like simple games on mobile. People play mobile games when they are in line, hanging with friends, or goofing off. They play steam or consoles when they want long, in-depth, experiences. It’s not our fault the market shifted in a direction you weren’t hoping for.

  • Avatar Yadnesh says:

    Hey Trey what a cool piece of software you have made…
    I am an indie dev, who wastes most of the time writing code for the game
    so it was kind of devastating for me when i got to know about this software a couple of days ago, because now i have a huge compition … even the people who cant code will be able to compete with me and others like me

    so now i am considering moving to BuildBox ..already got my free copy..may upgrade soon
    But just wanna know will it be possible to make games like

    Angry bird
    Dumb Ways To die
    and other games that leverage other things like swipes

    and is it possible with buildbox 1 or have to wait for 2 ?

  • Avatar TC says:

    great stuff
    Question about the monthly and annual subscription.

    If I was to start a monthly (minimum 12 months) or yearly subscription for Buildbox 2, will I automatically have access let’s say next year to Buildbox 3 if and when it will be released.
    example… if I had been a current monthly subscriber for buildbox1, by keep paying monthly, will I automatically gain access to buildbox 2 now that it gets released?

    or would I need to start a brand new subscription for BB2, and if there were technical/publishing reasons to keep my old games going would I then need to have two separate Buildbox subscription one for BB1 and one for BB2?


  • Avatar Ron Maier says:

    Ho every on buildboxer :-)

    ist possible create games like our style?

    Its very important tha we can build gameplay for girls.
    For Example: we need scene building with simple drag & drop, move and erase for clean up, dress up, make over etc.
    seecond must have is monetization for examaple dressuo part in game or incrediences for cooking scenes.
    You can see what we mean, if you try our games seet little emma playschool or dreamland and this week winterland on google and itunes.
    We search for alternate editor, but we would know exactly buildbox right tool for edit simple gameplay. we have try last buildbox version and we are not unterstood how we design simple dragn drop scene. maybe buildbox not the rght editor for us?

    regards from berlin and sorry for my broken english. i hop you unterstood my denglis :-)

    Ron and Irina

  • Avatar terry lewis says:

    This sounds really amazing – I was in Toronto at a Apple TV Developers tech talk and I was able to introduce a number of developers to Buildbox.
    Do you know if BB will ever support an export to Apple TV?

    • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

      That’s AWESOME Terry, Thanks! Yes, BB will support export to Apple TV. Buildbox 2.0 and the next update for 1.3.6 will include it.

  • Avatar Joshua says:

    Will there be different modes? Like, I could have one mode be difficult levels, and the other mode easy? This probably can be done in multiple worlds like you mentioned in the video.

  • Avatar Dusic Grujic says:

    So Much Stuff In So Small Package! Endless Development Possibility!
    All The Best In Upcoming BuildBox Event!
    Can Not Wait To See All New Stuff You People Making Possible!

    Proud To Announce After Getting Married On Weekend, Going Threw Life Together With Wife, To Become Part Of BuildBox Community Here, And We Will Start Developing Together!

  • Avatar Dhawal Tamakuwala says:


    That was awesome!!!! i can see in video that you guys had gave many customize features in buildbox 2.0 as for requirements. I am very curious to see next version 2.0 & i want to thanks whole buildbox engine makers team, these engine help me to make easily and fast games, without coding ;) Great guys keep it up.

    I had purchased the Buildbox master collection so is it i have to pay for buildbox 2.0? If yes then how much i have to pay for next version?


    • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

      Thanks Dhawal, Yes the upgrade cost from Buildbox 1/Master Collection is half the costs of the full license. Alternatively you can do the subscription method as well. More details will be revealed during our special event!

  • Avatar kevin says:

    I purchased buildbox on 11/28. The activation key didn’t work. I emailed support@buildbox.com about it on 11/28 but still have not had anyone respond. I sent another email this morning. Can someone check on the activation key for me and see what’s up?

  • Avatar Kirmani says:

    Love it 2 quick questions
    1 would the software have have ability to write story mode, basically like story before the game adventure games

    2 PS Vita PlayStation 4 wiiu basically all the consoles are you working on that as well?

    The reason why I ask is because I saw your website it’s awesome but I’ve noticed it’s all puzzle games and mobile games only, do you plan on getting consoles as well?


  • Avatar Andreas says:

    What exactly does Multiple Worlds mean ?


    • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

      The Multiple Worlds feature allows users to create multiple scenes that can be set independently. You can create multiple worlds or levels in your game with different physics settings and backgrounds to create a unique game.

  • Avatar Suat Özbek says:

    I think we need these…
    1. Level Choice
    2. Level Intro Page ( Exp. Video add )
    3. Vector Graphics.
    4. Easy Fixed images ( Exp. Sun . Moon …)

    If theese will BB2. we ar soooooo happy …

  • Avatar Jackson says:

    Sound awesome. I was one of the purchasers of BuildBox 1 in the initial limited release. As I was one of the original supporters, Do I get BuildBox 2 upgrade for free?

  • Avatar Jamie says:

    Hi do buildbox 1 customers get upgraded to build box 2 free or do we have to incur another charge thanks.

  • Avatar Shalom says:

    15 years ago as a programmer I thought about the possibility that one day we would also
    create games without coding, and finally it came with a blast.
    This is definitely a new era in game creation which opens up a whole new industry like Trey mentioned.
    Long are gone the days you would need a full team in order to produce a game.
    Buildbox makes it possible to create a one man show and in a fun way !
    Thanks and keep on the good work ;)

  • Avatar raul manoy says:

    visible progress very far in buildbox
    I will wait for the arrival of version 2 and subsequent buildbox

    buildbox hopefully more success with this latest version

  • Avatar ozgur says:


  • Avatar ozgur says:


  • Will BuildBox 2 have a 30-day tryout and keep what you build program like there was for BuildBox 1?

    BTW, I’d also like it if it had free Editor + Player/Debugger feature and you paid only to unlock the Publish feature. That way a teacher could use it at school and you might get future customers out of that (apart from good publicity, included via word of mouth)

    Could eventually even at some point have addons developed by third party devs and a marketplace where you would get a cut from purchases (like Scirra does with Construct 2, think Unity also get a cut from their marketplace, although they also offer other subscription services like Analytics etc. that you could consider). Such approaches would help lower the price I think, although they need quite some work to set up and maintain. For starters maybe you could set up a store for other people to sell Game Assets and BuildBox Game Templates (even if they can sell via other channels, they have incentive to put on your store so that they’re found by BB users more easily, especially if you integrate the marketplace to the software)

  • Avatar Franklin says:

    Awesome Trey… excited, just waiting for Buildbox 2. Can these games also upload to other platforms like Android, Amazon or maybe ever Windows? Just thought about that and thought I would ask. Have an awesome day!

  • Avatar Khamp says:

    Looking forward to seeing the release..

  • Avatar Mark says:

    Buildbox is great!
    tried the free trial version of it, I would Love to create a game but this cost to much for me. :(

    Anyway, keep it up guys you’re all amazing!

    • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

      Thanks :) Mark!

    • I’ve been watching BuildBox since it launched, and I’ve been really interested in checking it out and excited to see the games being created with it, but the price is just waaaay too high compared to the fuctionality vs other competing programs. Is there any chance of offering a lower tier purchasing options or adjusting the price? I’d have bought this long ago to experiment, and would be happy to throw my money at you, but $2675 is an extreme price tag. The $80-$100 a month offering is also pretty steep.

      I’m a long-time GameMaker:Studio user (and sporadic Xcode, Twine, and Unity dabbler) so a lot of the “done for you” aspects that make this so attractive to first time-developers isn’t enough to nudge me to buy because I can do it all with my current tools. But I love working within constraints and seeing what creativity comes from it. Buildbox would be great for that, I just wish there was a less painful option, price-wise.

      Anyhow, excited to see what you roll out in 2.0 and crossing my fingers for a more affordable option in the future. Cheers!

  • Avatar Phil says:

    Alright Trey, I’m getting anxious, gotta get the new version! haha

  • Avatar Joshua says:

    Can you import projects from buildbox 1 into builbox 2?

  • I looks just amazing! Buildbox 2 contains all the features I missed in Buildbox 1.
    But I have one question: Will there be a trial version of Buildbox 2?

  • Avatar sampathkumar says:

    Wow it looks amazing and i’m so excited to see buildbox 2.0

  • Avatar Abdul Advany says:

    Can we expect buildbox in 2015?

  • Avatar Wayne Martell says:

    That’s it got the screenshots going I’m seeing Particles as a new Effect, Motion graphs in an Animation Editor, custom buttons for the Xbox, a Node based system for the UI and I think for game play, Inbuilt tutorials and latest new screen. Liking what I see !!!

    • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

      Yes, Buildbox 2.0 is going to be amazing!

      • Avatar Joe says:

        Will BuildBox 2 output the source code for the game? and if so, in what language?

        • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

          Yes, we will export code in Buildbox 2, the language will be C++, same as Buildbox 1.

          • Avatar Joe says:

            Thanks. :-)

            So, it outputs complete source? Such that a programmer – who does NOT have access to buildbox – can make enhancements to the game (there ARE things even 2.0 does not do yet we want) and compile and produce a working game package for upload?

            I ask because we need to make enhancements, and the role of the “engine” in this process is a bit …nebulous.

            Joe C.

            • Avatar Trey Smith says:

              Joe, we do export raw cocos2d-x C++ code, but because of the complexity of the software there are many compiled parts and also sections that would be difficult to edit. If you want to add something to the front of the game (like a video, an advertising SDk, etc), then it’s easy. If you want to add major new core features to an exported games, that would prove extremely difficult.

  • Avatar Alex says:

    Very smart way of saying a lot of things in such few sentences! :)
    Logical Commands!!! :) whoop whoop. Here we go!

  • Avatar Andre Bonsu says:

    I was hoping Buildbox 2.0 would have multiple worlds…….and it does! Thanks Trey!

  • Avatar Lee Moore says:

    Thanks to all dedication in making this an amazing experience.

  • Avatar ASHIT SAK says:

    i am really exited about final video .

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