About the Game

Domukun-the poop monster is a one tap endless runner! The pixelated art shall remind you of the 80s. This fast paced arcade shall hook you for hours.

So you may ask, why we are suddenly shifting towards simple 2d Games? After all, we made games like Swipe Santa or Double Cube.

– Recently we see a trend. Casual mobile games are getting complicated day by day. And we think, it’s losing the core value of casual play. With Domukun, we took a step back. The game lacks many things that we take it as granted in casual games. We did not bombard you with any other characters but the standard one. Nor did we added any In-app purchases. No, you can not get a second life in Domukun by watching an add. It’s a simple, honest endless runner. The way casual games were supposed to be.

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