About the Game

A Cyclop lost his treasure, in search of his treasure he started his journey with full of zombies, skeletons, monsters and more… Help Cyclop find his missing treasure in mysterious dark forest, guide him to escape from dangerous traps and hazards. Use your skills and gameplay tactics to help him avoid traps, animals, hazards and monsters.
Collect coins and treasure chests to increase your score.

* No ads in gameplay.
* Easy navigation controls just touch the marked areas to move the cyclop and jump.
* Nice Graphics with dark atmospheric background and new levels with different backgrounds coming…


  • Avatar Bob says:

    First off, having an Ad pop up when you fire up the game is beyond annoying. At that very moment, I wanted to uninstall the game. But, after waiting 20 seconds or so for the Ad to finish, I finally gave it a chance. Then I played the game, the game control is not very user friendly, it’s pretty clumsy and then of course, when my character died, you didn’t hesitate to instantly put up another ANNOYING ad.

    Let me be clear, I instantly uninstalled the game so I had the game installed for less than a minute. You approach to Ads is about as bad as it gets. I get it that you want to try to make money and I am an Indie developer so I understand. But as a gamer, I have no patience for this kind of practice. I’ll make sure to never download one of your games again.

    • Avatar Bobs Uncle says:

      Bob, you need to take whatever is stuck up your arse out mate. If you want ad free games then pay for them.
      Do you refuse to watch the telly or YouTube because of ads?

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