Our StoryGames AI Game Jam entry period has ended. The final judging will take place on September 18th. You can check out all the entries in the Buildbox World app with the code ‘BBJAM01’ in the title!

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The theme is ‘Tropical Paradise,’ and your challenge, if you choose to take it, is to use StoryGames AI (now available inside Buildbox Classic, on our website, and via the Buildbox World app) to create a ‘tropical paradise’ themed visual novel game with the most plays and shares in Buildbox World before the submission deadline on 9/3 at 11:59 PM PST!

For your entry to be eligible to win:

  1. We recommend that you share your Bit (Buildbox World submitted game) on social platforms like Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram. The Bit with the most social re-shares on those platforms, plus bit score (our secret formula that measures engagement), wins!
  2. Game must have an added game mechanic in addition to the visual novel element. Extra points for creativity!

StoryGames AI is an AI tool that allows users to create visual novel games quickly and easily. It uses AI technology to create engaging storylines, interactive choices, and visually stunning scenes in minutes.

Your story can be about whatever you want as long as it features a tropical setting. Below are just some of the theme examples you can use in your StoryGames prompts:

  • Rainforest
  • Island Paradise
  • Beach
  • Lagoon
  • Pirate’s Cove
  • Safari
  • Underwater City
  • Jungle

Get creative, there’s no limit to what you can create with StoryGames AI. 

Your Bit should prominently feature a tropical setting similar to the options above. It can be realistic or fantasy, it’s totally up to you. All entries must be submitted through the Buildbox World App and have the ‘BBJAM01 code in their game title. 

Example: “BBJAM01 Monsoon Mysteries”

The game that receives the highest number of social media shares and plays will be declared the winner. Therefore, make sure to promote your game on platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram frequently after submitting it.

Be sure to check out the StoryGames AI Guide available right here if you need help getting started. The complete game requirements and game jam guidelines are in the game jam info section at the bottom of this page.

There will be a total of five cash prize winners! All cash prizes will be paid out via your Hyperwallet account, so if you haven’t yet, be sure to set it up before submitting your entry.

Finished Your Game?

Submit your game here now for your chance to win. Good luck! 

Here’s what you can win!

Game Jam Info

Below are some frequently asked questions.
View and download the full Game Jam Guidelines here.

What is a Game Jam?

A Game Jam is essentially a hackathon for video games. It is a gathering of people for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a short span of time.

How Do I Submit My Game?

You should submit your game by globally sharing it to the Buildbox World app with the code BBJAM01 somewhere in the title. Remember to submit before the end of the Game Jam and do not remove your game or Bit from Buildbox World until the judging session has ended.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate in a Game Jam. Usually participants are made up of creators, artist, video game developers or players, and anyone who wants to make a game.

What is the Game Jam Theme?

The theme of the Game Jam is tropical paradise. This theme should be used as the story’s setting. You can choose from various tropical locations, such as a rainforest, island paradise, tropical village, underwater city, safari, pirate’s cove, jungle, beach, lagoon, and more.

Who Picks the Winner?

We will collect all of your submissions and pick out the game that we think is best overall. We will factor in how well you use the theme as well as the overall design of your game in our decision. Please refer to our Guidelines PDF for more information about the assessment criteria.

Who is allowed to join? Teams or Individuals?

We welcome both! Both teams and individuals are allowed to enter. Keep in mind that a team places in the top 3, they must split up or share a prize.

Can you use Buildbox 2, Buildbox 3, and/or Buildbox Free?

You need to use Buildbox 2 (Buildbox Classic) and or the Buildbox World app for this game jam. Your game can be created using the StoryGames feature in the software, web, or directly inside the Buildbox World app. 

What’s the game type?

You’re free to decide the type you wish to create. As long as it’s not a direct copycat of another game and follows the rules and incorporates the theme, we’re good. We do not want to restrict your creativity so go for anything you want.

Will artwork and sounds be provided?

Nope. You are free to use whichever art or music you want as long as you have the permission to do it (you’ve purchased it or it’s licensed to you, you own it, you drew it, etc). Again, we do not want to restrict anyone’s creativity and have a bunch of games which look the same.

Can we upload a game already created if it matches the theme?

No. That would be the same as cheating. You can only start working on your game once the jam has started.

Where are updates about the Game Jam located?

We will be announcing the theme and other updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, Youtube, Buildbox Forum, and Buildbox Discord. Follow these accounts below! We will be sending out email updates to everyone who signed up at buildbox.com/gamejam.

Have a complaint?

Please fill out this complaint form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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