Buildbox 3 – Change Log

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You can view a list of changes, fixes, and updates in current and past Buildbox versions.


Fixed: Camera Nodes
Fixed: Camera Animation Nodes
Fixed: Export Options on About Page
Fixed: Collision Shape Look in 2D Mode
Fixed: Edit Button in Node
Fixed: Files Crashing After Edits
Fixed: GDPR Custom Button Functions
Fixed: Score Not Updating/Submitting After Export
Fixed: Android Target SDK and AndroidManifest.xml for API28
Fixed: Double clicking is not working when adding assets
Fixed: Mesh Physics Restriction for Static/Kinematic
Fixed: Start Sound is Not Playing on iOS
Fixed: Paths Crash
Fixed: Nav Camera
Fixed: Touch Rotate
Fixed: Bounce Node
Fixed: Checkpoints Not Saving on Device
Fixed: Is Touched UI
Fixed: If Collide Update Order
Fixed: Bounce Sound
Fixed: Sprites Editor Crash
Fixed: Objects Removal Crash
Fixed: Keyboard Events
Fixed: Logo/Splash Screen Labels on DevicesAdded: Node Updates & Fixed
Added: Debris Explosion node
Added: Drop Wheel for the 3D World Editor
Added: Asset Bar for MindMap
Added: Custom Button Callbacks for Android
Added: Camera Zoom Node
Added: Overlapping Option for the Sound Node
Added: Touch Rotate Smooth Limit
Added: Purchase ButtonRemoved: UIWebView Due to API deprecation
Removed: Threshold Node
Removed: Google Plus Sign In Scope For Android Game Services
Removed: Building of iOS Simulator Symbols


Added: Near Render Distance camera attribute
Added: Move object with center DOT along axis aligned plane that is facing camera
Added: Near/Far Redener Distance attribute for Editor Settings
Added: Reset in AddPoint
Added: [JSAPI] Affected Asset Methods
Added: [JSAPI] Collision Group Methods
Added: New Shapes
Added: More Transformation Functions for JS
Added: Editable Start Screen
Added: [JSAPI] Asset Null Check
Added: Joystick Update
Added: Android arm64 support
Added: Checkpoint Components
Added: [JSAPI] camera for UI
Added: [JSAPI] for enable/disable sounds and background music
Added: Ray casting
Added: Option to Bypass Cache in Network Requests
Added: Download Error Logging
Added: More nodes for worlds
Added: Droppable meshes for UIs
Added: Bottom Margin for Updates Tab
Added: Auto Update Support
Added: New Node “IsTouched”
Added: Path Entity Can Trigger If Collision node
Added: Scale Physics Checkbox in Scale AnimationRemoved: Processing, Rename Camera NodesFixed: Tutorial option gets checked-IN,even when the tutorial loading popup canceled
Fixed: [JSAPI] screenToWorld api call
Fixed: Tutorial that is stucked
Fixed: isTouched node is viasible now
Fixed: Sun rotation Issue
Fixed: Shadows Intensity issue
Fixed: Move node fix
Fixed: Mouse scroll stops at mid-bottom and manually dragging scroll fluctuates screen in Tutorial
Fixed: Disappearing UI objects
Fixed: Smooth field entered value above ‘1.3’ in Touch Rotate node let object disappear
Fixed: Issues related to GUI
Fixed: The logo/splash screen doesn’t appear when the games start on Android/ios
Fixed: Image Drop for UIs Fix
Fixed: Slow Loading
Fixed: Script Error During First Load
Fixed: Sensors fix
Fixed: UI animations fix
Fixed: Animation, Threshold, Timer Nodes Fixes
Fixed: Tutorial Loading Cancelation Error
Fixed: Density renamed to mass
Fixed: Crash With Tutorial in QML Scene
Fixed: Mac Preview Fix
Fixed: Use Texture Alpha for 3D Models
Fixed: Removed Move path
Fixed: Applying Sprite Properties onto the Scene Editor
Fixed: Assets and Updated API
Fixed: Crash When Skipping Tutorial
Fixed: Lights Rotation
Fixed: Keyboard Keys assigned do not carry over in EXE export
Fixed: Animation node’s ‘end’ option not working.
Fixed: Circle, Torus, Cone, Dashes have no effect of any Texture.
Fixed: The Collision Shape does’not follow the Object
Fixed: The name doesn’t change in Outliner for UI Asset Image/Obj.
Fixed: Editor Camera Issues
Fixed: Duplicate Object in ‘Asset Bar’, the collision shape does not get reflected of that object
Fixed: [JSAPI] Text of label by JS
Fixed: Files Permissions
Fixed: Number Conversion
Fixed: Camera Rotation
Fixed: ‘Event’ Component to work with UIs
Fixed: Animations Crash
Fixed: Fonts
Fixed: Mesh management
Fixed: Preview Renderer Fixes
Fixed: UI BBasset Drop
Fixed: Damage & Health Nodes
Fixed: Button Key Node Sending Only FALSE on Button Press When GL Window is Not in Focus
Fixed: Texture Flickering Due To Missing MipMaps & Low Quality Filtering
Fixed: Move Speed in Joystick Move Node
Fixed: UI Joystick Move NodeAdded: Scripting Context Cleanup
Fixed: Issues related to GUI – (3d point)Updated: CompileSDK for Android from 26 to 28
Updated: Icons for Components
Updated: Tutorial