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Cyber Monday Sale

Huge Cyber Monday Sale!

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BIG news! This CYBER MONDAY for 24 hours only, ALL premium Buildbox templates will be 50% off! Yes, 50% off, our biggest discount ever! You’ll be able to jumpstart your game development with our most popular templates like Vegetable Knight, Hornet Hunter, Brooklyn Brawler, Planetary Quest, and Adventure Run at a massive discount! Incredible right?! But that’s not all! We’ll also drop a …

Plant with Care

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Plant with Care

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This week’s game spotlight pick is Plant with Care by Crevasse Studios. Built using Buildbox and designed for your mind and soul, it’s a relaxing farm-themed puzzle game that takes gardening to the next level! It’s currently ranked No. 41 in the family games category in the United States. Plant with Care has also been featured 43 times on the app store homepage since its release and ranked Top 100 in …

Squid Arena

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Squid Arena

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This week’s game spotlight pick is Squid Arena by Dead Fly Studios. Built with Buildbox, this game is based on the hit Netflix TV series, Squid Game. But, you don’t have to be a fan of the viral sensation to enjoy playing! As player Oh Il-Nam once said in the series, “doing something is always more fun than just watching.” So, let’s dive right in! In Squid Arena, you can play four different games: Red Light, …

Buildbox 3.4.4

Buildbox 3.4.4. Update: Global Sharing via Buildbox Export, Node Improvements, and More!

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Our new update, Buildbox 3.4.4, is officially live! This latest update brings a host of goodies, including the ability to share your Buildbox World Bits Globally! You’ll also notice an updated home screen, a new ‘UI Labels List’ custom attribute option and other performance improvements. Here’s a quick rundown of What’s New in Buildbox 3.4.4! In Buildbox 3.4.4, global sharing via Buildbox World export is now available …