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Buildbox Game Spotlight: Dangle Dash

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This week’s game spotlight is Dangle Dash by Astro Hound Studios. It’s a fun new way to play Hockey on-the-go. Available for both iOS and Android, this built with Buildbox game has been climbing the charts. It was ranked #1 in Top Free Games on the app store in Canada. Dangle Dash has also been featured in the app store in sports and arcade categories in multiple countries, including Japan, Germany, France, Australia, Russia, and the Philippines. So, let’s take a closer look at Astro Hound Studios’ Dangle Dash! 

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Tomeo and Duliet

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Tomeo and Duliet by MMeGames is this week’s game spotlight. This fun casual game combines Angry Birds’ gameplay mechanics with a cool sketch art style for a one-of-a-kind arcade experience. Built with Buildbox 3, it’s already been featured in both the arcade and strategy categories in charts spanning the globe, including countries like Australia, Russia, Canada, Spain, and the Netherlands. So let’s take a …

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Mad Cars

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This week’s game spotlight is Mad Cars by Tap Men Games. Built with Buildbox 3, it’s a super fun 3D racing game that pushes players to their limits with an insane obstacle course. Although just released, it’s already climbing the charts ranking Top 100 in the racing category in over 50 countries worldwide. Mad Cars was also featured in the ‘Best New Games’ category in the U.S. app store this week. So, let’s take a closer look at Tap Men Games’ Mad Cars! 

Marketability Testing 101

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For mobile game developers, marketability is the most important test of a new game concept. The goal is to determine whether or not the market is interested in your product before you invest in full development and global launch. With the app stores highly saturated, among a sea of competition, it is crucial for developers to not only make a good game but to make a marketable game. It is this – marketability …