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Getting Started with Buildbox 4: How to Make an Entire Game Using AI Prompts

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Welcome to our “Getting Started with Buildbox 4 series,” where we will explore the basics of creating games with Buildbox 4. In our first lesson of the series, we’ll give you an overview of how you can use AI prompts and other features in Buildbox 4 to build an entire game. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie eager to bring your game ideas to life, this series has got you covered. We’ll ….

Buildbox 4 Is Now Available: Make Games With AI

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The future of game development is here! We’re thrilled to announce that Buildbox 4 is now available to the public. Our new AI game engine will empower you to create stunning, immersive games in minutes, regardless of your experience level. Simply enter your prompt, and our advanced AI will pull game assets, generate entire scenes, and even assist you in editing levels as you build out your game. With its …

How to Publish Your Game on Steam: A Complete Guide

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Steam is pretty much the big league when it comes to getting your PC game out there, and if you’ve been playing around with Buildbox 4, you know just how cool and easy it is to bring your game ideas to life. So, what’s next? Sharing your masterpiece with gamers all over the world through Steam, of course! In this guide, we’re going to walk you through the process of publishing your Buildbox game to Steam …

AI Dev Blog: An Exclusive Look into the Buildbox 4 AI Workflow

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In this post, we will be exploring the AI workflow for Buildbox 4. Buildbox 4 is capable of accomplishing impressive tasks, including scene and asset generation, as well as applying cool effects like fog or particles in your game with just a simple prompt. These capabilities are made possible through our AI workflow and the classifiers we employ. An AI workflow involves gathering data, training the AI model, and …