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Super DJ Mobile Game

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Super DJ

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It’s spotlight time, and this week’s game pick is Super DJ by Viking Factory. Built with Buildbox 3 and no-code, this very cool music game has won over both gamers and music fans with its tricky beats. It’s also been featured worldwide in the music and action games categories in countries like Germany, Canada, France, Australia, Brazil, China, Turkey, Japan, and Sweden.  So, let’s take a closer look at the new …

Sugary Delight

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Sugary Delight

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This week’s game spotlight is Tomato Owl’s Sugary Delight. This delicious bakery-themed 3D game built with Buildbox and no-code lets players flex their culinary skills as a chocolatier. It’s been featured in the app store’s arcade and trivia games category worldwide, including countries like China, Japan, Sweden, South Korea, Germany, Canada, Russia, France, Australia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. So …

Premium App Templates Now Available in Buildbox

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Looking for awesome app templates to help you make 2D and 3D games? We’re excited to announce that we’re now offering premium templates for sale right inside of Buildbox! You’ll never have to worry about searching for mobile app templates online again! We’ve got you covered! Our new premium templates are available in our built-in Template Library for instant access with hundreds of payment options …

How to make a mobile game

How to Make a Mobile Game that Cuts Through the Noise

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The mobile game market has never been so competitive. Yet, as practically everyone in the world has a smartphone in their hands and time to play, the rewards for coming out with the next killer game have never been so great. Making a game today is very easy, but making a great game takes planning and innovation. Buildbox is the platform behind more Top 100 games than any other no-code game builder …