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mobile app marketing

Mobile App Marketing 101: Tips For A Successful Pre-Launch

| Game Marketing | One Comment

Do you have a mobile app marketing plan for the pre-launch of your new game? If not, the time to start is right now. When it comes to mobile app marketing, there are dozens of strategies that you can use to help get your  game noticed from basic optimization techniques to more advanced Facebook marketing and other …

Almost Impossible 2

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Almost Impossible 2

| Game Showcase | No Comments

We love to see all the cool games that Boxers are making with Buildbox and highlight them when we can as a spotlight pick or as a showcase addition. This week’s spotlight is Dan Counsell’s Almost Impossible 2. It’s a follow-up to his previous hit game Almost Impossible! and has already been ranked in the Top 100 charts in …

Buildbox Spring Sale

Last Buildbox Spring Sale Offer – Indie + Animationbox

| Buildbox | One Comment

All week long we’re hitting you with some super Buildbox deals and discounts in honor of Spring! So, if you want to start making fantastic 2D and 3D games along with your own game art all without breaking the bank, our special Indie + Animationbox bundle is for you. For a limited time only, you can subscribe to get the …

Buildbox Spring Sale Voxelbox

Buildbox Spring Sale – New Special Offer!

| Buildbox | No Comments

The deals keep on coming, Boxers! 🙌 As part of our BIG Spring Sale, we have a second exclusive offer to help you create awesome 3D games. For a limited time, you can get the latest versions of Buildbox and Voxelbox for only $299 per year. This special discount bundle includes Buildbox Pro, Buildbox 3, and our 3D modeling tool Voxelbox. With this active subscription, you’ll have everything you need to make stunning 2D and 3D games plus …