Publish – Checklist

The first step you need to do, is a quick check over the game in BuildBox to ensure that you have not missed any needed settings for your chosen export platform.   Do you have:

  1. An app icon?
  2. A bundle ID for your app store?
  3. An app full-name and device-name?
  4. Leaderboard ID (if using Game Center)?
  5. Google Play ID (if using Google Game Services)?
  6. A share message (if using Share feature)?
  7. A review Link (if using a Review button)?
  8. Ad network settings (if showing ads)?
  9. Checked that ad networks selected on screens are available for your selected app store (most ad companies are only available on some platforms)?
  10. Do you have a licence key? (for Google Play or similar)

To actually export your game from BuildBox, simply select Export from the File menu. You will then get a list of platforms to export to. Select your platform, and a save dialog will appear. Just select where you want the export to go, give it a name, and press [Save].