iTunes Connect – In-App Purchases

To access the In-App Purchase (IAP) screen, press In-App Purchases in the menu bar of your app, in iTunes Connect.   To create an IAP:

  1. Press [Create New]
  2. on the next screen, press [Select] under Consumable or Non-Consumable, and continue to the relevant heading, below.


This is to be used for items that get used up, such as currency, or extra lives, or a resume.


  1. Enter the following basic information:
    • Reference Name: a name used for reporting only.  Should be a name that has meaning for you, only – nobody else will see it.
    • Product ID: this is the unique ID that goes into BuildBox – for games that use IAPs.  It can have letters and numbers in it and must match exactly what is in BuildBox.
    • Cleared for Sale: set to Yes.
    • Price Tier: What the IAP will cost.  Same scale as the pricing for the game itself (except of course that FREE is missing).
  2. Now add at least one language – English recommended – to give the IAP a public name and description.  Do this by pressing the [Add Language] button.  This will give a popup with the following three values:
    • Language: same options are available her as for the app itself.
    • Display Name: What name should be shown for the IAP in a game and on the App Store.
    • Description: A brief description of what the IAP does.  This will also be displayed to the user so make it short and clear.
  3. Click [Save] and the Add Language popup will go away.
  4. Optionally add review notes if you think the reviewer will need them.  Typically this would be something about how to find an IAP and/or how it works.
  5. Add a screenshot to show the IAP.  Should be 640 x 920px in size.  This could be as simple as an image of the main menu with the “remove ads” button circled.  Or even simpler.
  6. Press [Save] to finish the IAP and go back to the previous screen.

Non- Consumable

This is for non-consumable IAPs like Remove Ads or similar.  They never expire and can be restored after purchased.  The screen is almost identical to the Consumable screen.

The only extra option is Hosting Content with Apple.  There is no ability to use hosted content with BuildBox at this time.  Leave it set to the default of “no”.