Zack Visits The Philippines In His Latest Video. Thank You Friends!

Discussion in 'Buildbox General Discussion' started by DariusGuerrero, Feb 13, 2019.

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    Before Zack was Buildbox's YouTube guy he sent me a message via this forum wanting to work with me for a game. 2 years later he was making kickass Youtube vids and I created my best game (so far) DERE EVIL EXE. It all led to him traveling 7000 miles to visit us in the Philippines and it was epic! I couldn't be more thankful for Zack flying all the way here and hanging out with me, my girlfriend, and my business partners.

    His message: reach out and collaborate with each other. Participate, get to know other devs, work together, and create together. You never know what amazing experiences await you.

    Zack's right. There's no reason to go at this gamedev thing alone. Help each other. There are a thousand games released on the App Store everyday. Your competition with each other is statistically insignificant. You're all going to get a lot more value if you share your knowledge and support each other's endeavors.

    I can attest to how true this message is. I'm grateful for Zack plus all the members of The Game Cartel for helping me in my journey.... for their friendship and support. They are a big part in what got me over as a game dev. Despite being a thousands of miles apart, these people have become some of my closest friends. I'm lucky.
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    Congrats Darius on your success so far. Keep em coming :)

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