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    We're working on a new feature, and we need your help! Our team is currently redesigning the wizard in Buildbox to make it easier to create a new game.

    This new wizard will include game-ready pieces to help you start building right out of the gate. We're excited about it, but it's your opinion that really matters! So, we want your input.

    Our team prepared a special preliminary test build of the new Wizard 2.0, so you can check it out and help provide us feedback. Please note, there might be some elements that are still a little rough around the edges, but with the feedback you provide, we will continue to polish and tweak to turn this into a tool you and others will love.

    Please download the test build below to get started!



    NOTE: This build is to be used for Wizard testing only. Any additional development should be done on a public release.

    After you've tried out the new wizard, click the button below to take a quick survey and share your thoughts:


    Thank you in advance for your time and feedback. We look forward to hearing your opinions!
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    Although this sounds good on paper maybe it's not ready to be released yet. I've been playing with it and it feels to be an improvement from the previous version but every time when you go back and forth or select an option there's a time loading up the assets.

    Maybe we can have them as downloadable somewhere so that every time you create a new game based on Wizard everything is instant selection instead of downloading again and again and again.

    The idea of having an infinite runner setup is good but the templates need more work, cleanup, and polish to run smoothly on devices or even on Buildbox world.

    Just having one template aka one type of game in a Wizard does not feel right, I would hold up and release multiple options so it feels like a feature that players would love to try.

    Support 2D games, for quite some time community, is asking for 2d related templates and I'm sure this is on your list, Wizard can be one of the places to show them.

    I will continue to play with it and come back with feedback if any. Thank you so much for the effort and determination you're doing great so far.

    Kind regards,
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