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    Apr 14, 2016
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    Yah I loaded a previous bbdoc and everytime I hit remove unused scenes it crashed. But when I start new game project or load a random other game and hit remove, it's fine. At first I thought it was because the one that crashed had no scenes, just menus. As I erased all in game scenes. And then hit remove unused scenes. So I jumped over to another bbdoc and erased all in game scenes, again leaving only menus, and ran remove unused scenes and it worked fine. Probably will need to send bbdoc to support and let them disect it and fix whatever bug is causing it for future updates. Or hunt for the cause myself and see if so, e kind of object or image or sound file that I've added is causing the crash. Bb isn't perfect but that's why we report these things. To get it as close to perfect as we can. ;)
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